Biden’s Vax Push Was Weaponized And Used As ‘Litmus Test’ For Compliance And Conformity

Details are starting to emerge about the Biden administration’s unprecedented push to get the masses vaccinated. 

Pundits routinely urged Americans to “trust the science.” But after double-jabbed and double-boosted Joe Biden and the first lady tested positive for Covid-19 numerous times, people began questioning the crumbling narrative more and more.

After all, Americans were told that being vaccinated would stop infections. And those in power used that claim to bully the country into submission due to fears of losing their jobs, livelihood, and normal way of living. 

Three areas that have still been majorly impacted despite compliance.

Independent journalist Jordan Schactel just published an article on his Substack detailing this attempted purge of unvaccinated individuals.

Per Schactel:

The “Fauci ouchie” has become weaponized by governments to act as a litmus test for compliance and conformity… 

… and the FBI’s developing role in the process serves as the perfect example for how the purge is being conducted throughout the American government.

Schactel then points readers to a bombshell report, where a top FBI official resigned because he was charged of political bias. Thus undermining the Hunter Biden probe.

Schactel connects this resignation to “the unscientific, political mRNA mandates being pursued by executive branch agencies within the Biden Administration, particularly the Department of Defense.” 

Arguing that political actors have been using the vaccine “litmus test” as a way to leverage and create “ideological conformity within the ranks.”

Moreover, these pushers of the mRNA vaccine have conveniently ignored all signs of troubling side effects. Only choosing to focus on the science aspects that are beneficial to their agenda.

“This is the real reason for the mRNA mandate,” Schactel claimed. “ It’s the best way to clean house, ideologically.”

“Through an even wider scope,” Schactel would conclude. “COVID Mania as a whole has involved powerful enterprises conducting routine power grabs, dividing up civil society, and installing political compliance tests into every avenue of daily life.”

“The FBI’s reported role in this process serves as just one example of many more to come.”

Over recent months, it has become well-known that the vaccine does not stop the spread of COVID-19. Nor does it protect individuals from contracting the virus.

The Bidens contracting COVID-19 over and over goes directly against the mainstream media and CDC narrative. 

So it should enrage Americans who have been complying with the White House and its tyrannical policies because it exposes the lies they have been spewing for years. 

No new normal.

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