BIG: Saint Louis Police Detective REFUSED TO SIGN Soros Funded Prosecutor’s Probable Cause Document Against McCloskeys

New developments in the criminal case against Mark and Patricia McCloskey by Soros-funded Saint Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner reveals that a lead police detective refused to sign a probable cause statement drafted by Gardner’s office. The probable cause statement appears filled with falsehoods and lies, and claims that the trespassing rioters that broke into the private community of the McCloskeys were “peaceful.”

The ‘signature’ element of the probable cause statements against both McCloskeys has been conspicuously left blank, with Curtis Burgdorf leaving off his signature.

KDSK St. Louis reported Tuesday that Gardner’s Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley emailed these documents to Sergeant Curtis Burgdorf the day before a gun confiscation search warrant was served on the McCloskeys, telling the cop that he needed to sign them “now.” Gardner’s office merely went ahead with the gun confiscation, later criminally charging the couple, after falsely trying to put words in the mouth of the St. Louis Police Department.

KDSK is also reporting that Burgdorf had documented numerous threats directed towards the McCloskeys by the Black Lives Matter trespassing rioters, including waving loaded pistol magazines at the couple and warning that they would be “coming back” to the residence.

Gardner’s subordinate Hinckley would go on to leave Sergeant Burgdorf an angry voicemail for refusing to sign off on fraudulent documents alleging crimes against the McCloskeys.

Curtis, you need to call me back. I wrote a long email to you trying to ask a bunch of questions about whatever it is you said some was (expletive). Now we need to straighten this out because I’m about done with this crap. Call me back.”

Merely weeks after charges were filed, the case against the McCloskeys is already filled with massive improprieties and downright corruption, including a revelation that a prosecutor with Gardner’s office had ordered forensics experts to reassemble Patricia McCloskey’s pistol from its original state as a non-functional courtroom prop to a functional firearm.

It’s well past time for these bunk charges to be summarily dismissed as political prosecution, and for Gardner to be investigated for her resolute willingness to prosecute her political enemies and go easy on left-wing criminals.

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