BLM’S AMERICA: 7 Black Teens Brutally Beat Elderly Victim to Death on the Philadelphia Streets

Seven black teenagers menaced an elderly black man and beat him savagely with a cone and other objects last month in Philadelphia, Penn. The 73-year-old man suffered severe head injuries and would die from the injuries caused by the attack.

“It’s horrible, it’s a horrific occurrence,” Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said of the deadly gang beatdown by the group of teenaged thugs.

Law enforcement are looking to identify the juveniles who are believed to be between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age. The surveillance video can be seen here:

Even if the youths are identified, it is unlikely they will face much in terms of consequences under the diversity regime that has seized power in America. They will be back on the street to terrorize more poor victims in no time, thanks to the Black Lives Matter revolution against civilization, decency and order.

Big League Politics reported on the death and destruction that occurred on the new anti-white revisionist independence day of America, “Juneteenth,” as the fruits of multiculturalism are on full display:

A Washington D.C. Juneteenth celebration nearby a Historically Black University billed by organizers as a “peaceful demonstration” ended up descending into violence and mayhem on Sunday.

A law enforcement officer was shot and a 15-year-old child is dead after a mass shooter fired at the “Moechella” event in Washington D.C. at 14th and U Street.

Police say the suspect is a black man with curly hair, believed to be around 5’4, and he was wearing all black when he committed the mass shooting.

The Instagram page for Moechella features videos of black women twerking in support of Juneteenth. It is a free concert event described by Washington City Paper as “a free, go-go band-led event full of Black cultural spirit and anti-gentrification passion,” organized by rapper Justin “Yaddiya” Johnson, who led anti-Trump protests in Washington D.C. outside of the White House.

“We’re doing something for the people that’s inclusive. I don’t really feel like it’s a Juneteenth event if you’re charging a lot for it,” Johnson told City Paper. I guess it’s also not a real Juneteenth event unless there is some form of gun play as America’s multicultural landscape takes form.

This senseless act of terror by these seven thugs show how BLM’s America puts innocent individuals of every race in danger by empowering the worst human trash among us. Nobody is safe with the rule of law under assault by this low IQ movement of the worst this country has to offer.

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