Mass Shooting Occurs at Washington D.C. Juneteenth Celebration with a Police Officer Wounded and a 15-Year-Old Kid Dead

A Washington D.C. Juneteenth celebration nearby a Historically Black University billed by organizers as a “peaceful demonstration” ended up descending into violence and mayhem on Sunday.

A law enforcement officer was shot and a 15-year-old child is dead after a mass shooter fired at the “Moechella” event in Washington D.C. at 14th and U Street. 

Police say the suspect is a black man with curly hair, believed to be around 5’4, and he was wearing all black when he committed the mass shooting.

The Instagram page for Moechella features videos of black women twerking in support of Juneteenth. It is a free concert event described by Washington City Paper as “a free, go-go band-led event full of Black cultural spirit and anti-gentrification passion,” organized by rapper Justin “Yaddiya” Johnson, who led anti-Trump protests in Washington D.C. outside of the White House.

“We’re doing something for the people that’s inclusive. I don’t really feel like it’s a Juneteenth event if you’re charging a lot for it,” Johnson told City Paper. I guess it’s also not a real Juneteenth event unless there is some form of gun play as America’s multicultural landscape takes form. 

Big League Politics has reported on how Juneteenth is being promoted as the new independence day for America under its present diversity occupation:

The city of Evanston, Ill. is cancelling their fireworks for July 4, but will still hold a “Juneteenth” celebration and LGBT pride parade.

This is part of the ongoing demoralization process against the American people, as national pride is decimated and replaced with the glorification of Black Lives Matter thugs and transgender drag queens.

“The Evanston Fourth of July Association has decided to cancel its fun run, parade, band performance and lakefront fireworks show for Independence Day this year,” the city wrote in their announcement.

Meanwhile, the city will celebrate Juneteenth and gay pride as the new diverse and multicultural country takes shape. The Juneteenth celebration will take place today at 11 a.m. led by sociology professor Cheryl Judice and Jason Powell, whose mother founded a popular local restaurant. The LGBT pride parade will take place next week…

Big League Politics has reported on how Juneteenth is being promoted along with anti-white critical race theory, the anti-American blood libel that is the 1619 Project and the Tulsa riot exaggeration to replace authentic history and fuel more division and animus. Right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin eviscerated this far-left agenda on her now-shuttered program for Newsmax TV.

The promotion of Juneteenth, an obscure regional holiday with no national significance, into a nationwide event is another way to promote the low IQ Black Lives Matter thugocracy. The way things are going, it will be only a matter of time before George Floyd Day becomes widely celebrated.

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