BLM’S AMERICA: Female Uber Driver Begs for Her Life Before Being Murdered in Cold Blood by a Thug

A Pennsylvania Uber driver begged for her life before being executed by a serial felon thug as the multicultural American landscape takes shape.

Christina Spicuzza, 38, pleaded with an African-American robber after she was abducted on Feb. 11.. She told the man about her four kids and literally begged him for mercy. He showed none, shooting her in the head and murdering her in cold blood.

The alleged murderer is Calvin Crew, 22, who has been charged with homicide, robbery, and evidence tampering. The video of the horrifying incident has not been released to the public. If Black Lives Matter gets their way, Crew will be released back onto the streets without bond.

It should come no surprise that Crew has a history as a convict and was not legally allowed to own a firearm. That didn’t stop him from allegedly committing this ghastly crime that is becoming all too routine as worship of diversity becomes America’s false idol.

Big League Politics has reported on the racially-charged crime wave that has swept across the country since BLM’s orgy of terror in the summer of 2020:

The body of 80-year-old Mary Ann Elvington was found outside of a church in Horry County, Ga., and the suspect – an African-American male – is currently being held without bond.

Before her remains were found, Elvington had been described as missing and there was a hunt to find her:

Elvington was described as a devout follower of Jesus throughout her entire life by her friends and loved ones. 

“Mama was just a real Christian lady,” her son Harold said. “She lived at the foot of the cross and where we’re at peace is where they found her. They found her at the foot of the cross.”

“She made a great impact on a lot of young students,” said pastor Stephen Vipperman. “She was a very intelligent person. She knew her Bible inside and out.”

She was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by 29-year-old Dominique Davonah Brand. Marion County Magistrate Judge Danny O. Barker II described the actions as “one of the most heinous crimes that I have experienced” while denying him bond.

If Americans will not stand up for the rule of law and common decency against the filth that is overtaking society, the nation will be the United States of Somalia on a permanent basis before long.

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