BLP Editor Patrick Howley on Newsmax TV: Virginia Scandals Expose The Democrats and Media Once And For All

Virginia Democrat governor Ralph Northam’s blackface-KKK yearbook photo, lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax’s sexual assault allegation, and attorney general Mark Herring’s blackface admission have shaken the Virginia Democratic Party to its core. Now the mainstream media is in the spotlight: Will they ever actually commit to covering Democrats the same way they cover Republicans?

“The mainstream media for many decades has had a vested interest in mocking African-Americans, and keeping African-Americans down, and portraying them in such a way, as we just saw, with blackface, the tradition of Amos and Andy. Because the establishment knows that if black people and white people who are outside the gates — the barbarians at the gates so to speak — if we ever unify, the establishment politically is not going to hold on for very long,” Big League Politics editor-in-chief Patrick Howley told host John Cardillo on Newsmax TV.

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