#BoycottNetflix: Susan Rice Joins Their Board, More Conservatives Cancel

Just weeks after Netflix announced they are in advance negotiations with former President Barack Obama for his own show, they announced that Obama’s former National Security Adviser and UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, is joining their board of directors. In response, conservatives are doubling down on a boycott that began following news about an upcoming Obama show.

As you know, this won’t be Rice’s first foray in the spotlight involving streaming video. She wasn’t very well known until the Obama administration paraded her out on Sunday shows to blame the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video.

Following the announcement, conservatives took to Twitter to declare their opposition to the move.

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As one conservative notes, Netflix’s stock took a dip following the decision to hire Susan Rice.

Netflix is putting themselves squarely in opposition to conservatives. If you have cancelled their Netflix subscriptions, post a screenshot of their cancellation page using the hashtag #BoycottNeflix to show your displeasure.



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