BREAKING: DC Police Break Up Attempt to Destroy Andrew Jackson Statue Near White House

Washington D.C. metropolitan police narrowly averted an attempt on the part of left-wing vandals and cultural fanatics to destroy an iconic statue of President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square, just hundreds of yards from the White House’s front door.

A crowd of possibly 75 rioters mobbed the statue in what perhaps was a surprise operation, hoping to gain access to the fenced-off statue and destroy it before law enforcement could possibly respond. The leftist rioters may have been inspired by the recent destruction of a statue of Albert Pike in D.C, which they succeeded in destroying without so much as even token resistance from law enforcement.

However, the statue destruction attempt appears to have failed. The D.C metropolitan police responded in a timely fashion, disrupting the leftist attempt to dismount Jackson with sets of pulleys and tugs. Law enforcement could be seen deploying pepper spray to disperse the sizable crowd, forcing them away from the monument.

The latest footage shows a ring of police protecting the monument, securing its presence from the mob of leftist rioters.

For now, the iconic seventh U.S. President, known in great part for leading the defense of New Orleans against the British in the War of 1812, still stands. Rioters continue to stand opposite the formation of police protecting the statue, chanting slogans at the metropolitan police.

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