BREAKING: Ottawa Police Chief Promises Huntdown Of Convoy Protestors

The police of Ottawa put out a statement recently warning those involved in the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ that they will pay dearly for daring to protest the nation’s Covid-19 related orders.

Ottawa’s police chief promised that truckers and other protestors involved with the demonstrations will pay severely for the actions and be targeted for “months to come.”

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges,” the police chief said at a press conference. “Absolutely. This investigation will go on for months to come.”

Big League Politics has covered other recent announcements by Otawwa’s police amid the historical freedom convoy protests including their decision to ban journalists from covering much of the drama.

Canada’s ‘Freedom convoy’ protests have continued to rage on amid extremist opposition by actors in the government. Moves by Justin Trudeau to criminalize the demonstrators overnight via emergency powers have remained highly controversial; so much so that even the allegedly left-leaning Canadian Civil Liberties Association publicly condemned the Canadian prime minister for the unprecedented move.

Ottawa police have begun to move in and arrest truckers, the vast majority of whom have protested completely peacefully, since that declaration. The next moves by the Canadian police force may end up largely behind closed doors; a recent announcement on the Ottawa Police Twitter page indicated that neither journalists nor media would be allowed to publicly document and record the ensuing arrests.

“All media who are attending the area, please keep a distance and stay out of police operations for your safety,” wrote the Ottawa Police Twitter account. “Anyone found within areas undergoing enforcement may be subject to arrest. There will be a media availability later today at 474 Elgin Street.”

 Ottawa Police Threaten Arrests Of Journalists Covering Protests

Canada has continued their heavy-handed rule over protestors involved in the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ in one may be considered one of the most brutal and draconian government crackdowns by a western democracy in recent history.

Tensions in the nation remain high; Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently invoked an emergency act allowing for unprecedented exercises of power including both extrajudicial arrests and seizing of funds approved by the state.

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