Brexit Betrayal Likely, Says Farage

Brexit mastermind Nigel Farage warns of a looming Brexit betrayal.

Farage criticized Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to allow British Members of Parliament to vote to extend Article 50—the legal and political process which an EU member state would take to exit the EU.

In the case that the second vote on May’s Brexit deal fails, May assured lawmakers that they could vote to leave the EU without a deal on March 29 or pursue a “short limited extension” to the deadline.

In The Telegraph, Farage derided May’s decision as a “ludicrous suggestion” because “there would be no-one to negotiate with during this period” and he added that “Brussels closes down in April as the European elections campaign begins. After that, the elite European Commission will be replaced. If we extend once, we will extend again and again.”

According to Farage, “the great Brexit betrayal” is “nearly complete”. Farage admonished that “Theresa May’s endless assertions that she will deliver the Brexit the people voted for is beginning to look as if it was a deceit from the start.”

Farage continued:

“The only way Brexit can now be delivered, and faith kept in our democratic system, is to leave on March 29 on WTO terms.”

In Farage’s view, Article 24 of the GATT Treaty could be used “with both the consent of us and the EU” for a minimum of two years “with no tariffs and quotas during which a trade deal could be concluded.”

Farage concluded:

“More importantly, we would be outside the EU, the single market and the customs union.”

Farage may be on to something as it’s becoming clear that May is doing all she can to delay Brexit and ignore the will of British voters.

Even if the British political class can’t muster up some type of agreement before March 29, Britain may still be compelled to go through with Brexit by default, deal or no deal.

However, there are rumors surfacing about the potential of a second referendum on Brexit, which would be a total slap in the face to British voters.

Brexit is no political game. It’s a question of cultural and political integrity, as Britain has become a hub for anti-social ethnic ghettoes, an Orwellian surveillance state, and rising crime rates.

Should it continue under Brussel’s thumb, Britain will just become another lifeless appendage of the globalist superstate that is the EU.

May is doing British citizens a disservice by delaying Brexit.

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