Brother of Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Says He Received Death Threats After Fake News Report

The brother-in-law of Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg claims he has received death threats and hate mail from rabid liberals after the Washington Post published an article about his family that he says is fake news.

Rhyan Glezman, a pastor in small-town Michigan, is calling out WaPo and Pete Buttigieg for fabricating a phony backstory for sell the openly homosexual mayor of South Bend, Indiana as a serious presidential contender for the Democrats in 2020.

The article described Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten, as coming from a small, impoverished home that imposed their Christianity on the gay man, resulting in him becoming homeless and isolated as a result. His brother Rhyan claims this narrative is false.

“A mayor from a small city and his husband, a child who grew up with nothing and his parents kicked him out … it makes a perfect political story for the campaign,” Glezman said to the Washington Examiner. “To me that’s very sad. If that’s all you have to stand on, you’re not fit to be president of the United States.”

While Glezman runs a community church in the small town of Clio in rural Michigan, he claims that his family’s household was never particularly religious. “We went to church at Easter and Christmas,” he said.

Glezman also noted Chasten’s privileged upbringing, showing that WaPo lied about that as well in their attempt to build the oppression narrative.

“The story makes it look as if he came from nothing, a poor family,” he said. “Chasten had everything, from cellphones paid for, car insurance paid for.”

He claims he never had a problem with his brother’s homosexuality, and his belief in the biblical definition of marriage has never been a strain on their relationship.

Glezman has met and hosted Chasten’s previous boyfriends in the past, and attended a baseball game with Chasten and Pete Buttigieg last year.

He even treated his brother with a trip to an amusement park to help him celebrate his 21st birthday, after he had already come out of the closet.

“Would I do that if we didn’t have a relationship?” he asked.

Unfortunately, Glezman has received death threats and other leftist vitriol because of the deceptive report issued by WaPo, showing how the fake news foments hatred and division to push forward Democratic Party interests.

“There was one that said I should go out to the woodshed and kill myself,” Glezman said, referring to a social media post made by a deranged liberal.

He added that he would not be supporting Buttigieg’s presidential ambitions due to his anti-constitutional beliefs, not because of his homosexuality.

“That’s not because he’s gay,” Glezman said. “When you want to rewrite the Electoral College, when you want to change the makeup of the Supreme Court, when you want to have open borders and not have any process there, his extreme view on abortion … those are things that are very important to me.”

Glezman believes the defamation campaign against his family is a part of a greater demonization plan to target Christians as apart of a coordinated assault on religious liberty.

“I believe for me, as a Christian, we’re the people being shunned, people being silenced, and a lot of the liberal side of things are becoming the bigots to Christianity and faith,” he said. “They are becoming the intolerant side.”

Christianity has become the world’s most persecuted religion, and biased reports from WaPo and other fake news outlets will ensure that it stays that way.

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