California Lets Convicted Murderers of Children and Pregnant Woman Out of Jail Amidst Coronavirus Panic

California Governor Gavin Newsom is exploiting the coronavirus crisis in order to more quickly implement far-left criminal justice policies, which has allowed at least one convicted child murder to be let back on the streets.

Newsom commuted the prison sentences of 21 different convicted criminals and pardoned five others who had already served their sentences on Friday. A stunning 14 of the cases involved murder or a charge related to murder. Children were the victims in two of the chilling cases. In another case, it was a pregnant woman who was the victim. The people found responsible for these heinous crimes by the court of law are now back on the streets.

Suzanne Johnson, a 75-year-old San Diego county resident who served 22 years in prison for assaulting a child who ended up dying, had her sentence commuted. Joann Parks, a 64-year-old Los Angeles county resident who served 27 years in prison after her three children were killed in a house fire, also received amnesty from the Governor. Rodney McNeal, a 50-year-old San Bernardino county resident found guilty of stabbing his pregnant wife to death, was freed and now walks the streets as well.

Newsom made it clear that these violent criminals would have been let out of jail anyway by his regime, but the coronavirus panic gave him an excuse to speed the process up considerably. The Governor’s office claimed that Newsom “also considered the public health impact of each grant, as well as each inmate’s individual health status and the suitability of their post-release plans, including housing,”

This is part of a national jailbreak policy with coronavirus being used as an excuse to enact far-left criminal justice policies:

On Wednesday, January 18, 2020 Philadelphia’s police commissioner promised that the city’s officers are “not turning a blind eye to crime” after unveiling a new policy that pushes for a delay in arrests of those who carry out certain non-violent crimes.

This policy was announced the day before responding to the Wuhan virus outbreak and concerns that jails are at an increased risk of becoming overcrowded and infected given how Philadelphia’s courts have been ordered to close up until April 1.

Under this new policy, individuals accused of crimes such as burglary or prostitution will be temporarily detained to have their paperwork sorted out before being let loose and arrested on a warrant during a later date…

Ngo recently commented on Outlaw’s latest decision in her new position with the Philadelphia Police Department.

He tweeted, “Philadelphia police commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who ran Portland Police until recently, notified commanders that they are to suspend making arrests related to theft, retail theft, burglary, stolen vehicles etc. until further notice. Leaked memo:

Liberals will never let a crisis go to waste when it comes to inflicting their extreme policies on unsuspecting Americans.

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