Canadians Desperately Search For Handguns Amid Trudeau’s Imminent Ban

Salesman Chris Ruegg takes a handgun from a nearly empty display case at That Hunting Store in Ottawa (Canada Dave Chan AFP)

Armed citizenries are waning as the days go on. People in Canada are scrambling to arm themselves this week after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the parliament alike announced legislation set to completely ban the importation and sale of all handguns in the nation, France 24 reports.

Citizens in Canada are already severely restricted on handgun ownership, with a restricted firearms license and a separate permit for transportation already required to acquire such a firearm.

“We’re introducing legislation to implement a national freeze on handgun ownership,” Trudeau declared during a news conference.

“What this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada,” he said. “In other words, we’re capping the market for handguns.”

Many in Canada are worried about the imminent legislation.

“I’m concerned that if I don’t buy one now, I may never have the choice again,” Sandhu, a member of the Dawson Creek Sportsman’s Club, explained to Agence France-Presse.

Sandhu also expressed that his fear of being labeled a criminal by the Canadian government.

“Jeez, if I slip up, I could screw up the rest of my firearms ownership,” he said.

“Sales have been brisk,” said Jen Lavigne, who runs a Canadian firearms dealer on the outskirts of Ottawa called That Hunting Store.

“We sold 100 handguns, or almost our entire stock, in the last three days, since the prime minister announced the freeze,” she said, showing reporters a now almost empty handgun cabinet.

DoubleTap Sports in Toronto saw a similar situation. According to shop owner Josko Kovic, Trudeau’s announcement  “created a panic, and people are now rushing out to buy handguns.”

“Almost all stores are sold out, including me,” he said.

The effects on Canadian gun enthusiasts and business people alike will likely be huge. According to France 24, there are more than a million handguns in Canada in addition to some 2,500 stores that sell pistols.

Many shopkeepers, including Winnipeg’s Canadian Gun Guys store owner Darryl Tomlinson fear for the future of their livelihoods.

“This handgun measure is going to take away livelihoods and break up communities. It’s a catch-22; we’re busy now, but I fear we’re going to be put out of business in the fall,” Tomlinson said.

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