Cernovich: ‘Time to End Diplomatic Relations With UK’

Journalist, author and lawyer Mike Cernovich called for the United States to end diplomatic relations with the U.K. over their treatment of citizen journalist and activist Tommy Robinson.

“It’s time to end diplomatic relations with the UK, which no longer respects Western values like free speech and freedom of the press,” Cernovich said on Twitter. “Expel all British diplomats. The UK government is no different from Iran.”

As Big League Politics reported earlier:

“An English free speech activist has been sentenced to 13 months in jail for filming on a public street in Leeds, Yorkshire, England today.

Tommy Robinson, Founder of English Defence League, was arrested outside a court for filming as members of an alleged grooming gang reported to court for trial.

‘Grooming gangs’ as they are called in England are nothing more than child sex trafficking rings. The Orwellian term is used to sanitize the behavior because Muslims are the prime culprits of such activity.

Robinson was given a suspended sentence for contempt of court in May 2017 after he tried to film four Muslim men who were on trial accused of raping a teenage girl. Citizen journalism and freedom of expression are frowned upon in England.

He has long documented the savage behavior of Islamic “refugees” who have been brought to the West, and for this he is despised by the leftist British government.”

Subsequently, the U.K. implemented a “reporting ban” on the story, forcing British news outlets to remove any articles written about the arrest, and banning and further reporting.

The British police state has scurried to protect the reputation of Islamic refugees as the expense of its own citizens. After all, massive child sex slavery rings are a danger to society. They ought to be reported on with great scrutiny in the interest of alerting the public.

But the government in the U.K. does not want that. Instead, they seek only to shine a positive light on the Muslim community and brag about the wonders of “diversity” for the sake of political correctness.

Recently, the country proposed seven years of jail time for criticizing Islam.

None of this behavior – massive migration from the third world, child sex slavery organizations, silencing of the press – is healthy for the preservation of Western culture, which used to be equated with freedom.

Britain no longer supports freedom. It is no longer a free society. America is the last beacon of hope for the West.

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