China is Censoring Research into Origins of Wuhan Coronavirus

Reports indicate that the authoritarian communist government of China is silencing research inquiry into the origins of the Wuhan coronavirus, a development that takes places as some within the medical and scientific community are speculating that it could’ve escaped from a government research facility.

Two major Chinese universities have been found to have published and then deleted research into the origins of the coronavirus, suggesting they could’ve been compelled to remove the material by the nation’s government. Both Fudan University and the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) according to reporting from the Guardian.

Professor Steve Tsang of the SOAS China Institute in London has stated that the removal of research papers is likely at the behest of the Chinese government, which he describes as more concerned with the global narrative surrounding the disease than the scientific and medical implications.

If these documents are authentic it would suggest the government really wants to control the narrative about the origins of Covid-19 very tightly.

The Chinese government has consistently lacked transparency when it comes to sharing information in regards to the novel coronavirus with the rest of the world, initially claiming that the disease could not be transmitted between humans as it infected what some theorize to be hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens.

The primary hypothesis of the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus involves a speculative interaction between an animal and a human at the Wuhan wet food market, a now-closed exotic animal market where live animals came into contact with both diverse members of the animal kingdom and humans.

Some have also speculated that a contained virus at the nearby Wuhan Institute of Virology may have escaped before spreading into the surrounding human populations.

In any event, information involving the virus released by the Chinese government is far from credible.

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