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Chinese Authorities Admit Wrongdoing in Punishing Whistleblower, Suppressing Knowledge of Coronavirus

China is owning up to some of the blame.



The Chinese communist regime is owning up to their mistreatment of the 34-year-old ophthalmologist Li Wenliang, a COVID-19 coronavirus whistleblower who would go on to lose his life because of the illness.

Wenliang was the man who attempted to alert Chinese officials and the greater public about the spread of the coronavirus, but was brutally suppressed and silenced by the communist regime. If they had listened to Wenliang and taken measures immediately in December when he discovered the virus, an untold number of people could have avoided the coronavirus infection.

Investigators in Beijing have determined that Wuhan authorities behaved “inadequately” and failed to follow “proper law enforcement procedure” when they reprimanded Wenliang and accused him of “spreading rumors” in January when people were already dying because of the pandemic.

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While this is a good first step toward accountability, the Chinese have much more to account for because of the myriad ways they mishandled their response to the virus.

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They pulled the wool over the eyes of the globalist World Health Organization (WHO), an internationalist body tasked by the United Nations with handling worldwide pandemics.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has led the push in Washington D.C. to make sure China is held accountable for their despicable behavior regarding the coronavirus that has jeopardized the health of every individual on the planet.

“When Chinese Internet users flooded social media with indignation following Dr. Li’s death, their cries were scrubbed from the Internet by the Communist Party’s army of censors. When a Chinese human-rights activist called for Chairman Xi to step down, he was detained and then “disappeared.” When Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Russell Mead wrote a bracing article about the Chinese Communist Party’s failure to contain the coronavirus, the Communist Party kicked three of the paper’s reporters out of the country,” Cotton wrote about the Chinese menace.

“When the number of reported infections spiked upward due to an improvement in data reporting, the Party purged local officials who were likely responsible. And after Chinese scientists gave the world a head-start in developing a vaccine by publishing the disease’s genome online, what happened? Were they given awards? Were they celebrated? No, their lab was shut down the very next day. Those scientists deserved awards, they deserved a medal; instead, they were given a professional death sentence,” he added.

One Republican lawmaker has even demanded that China pay reparations to the U.S. because of the havoc their coronavirus has wreaked on the American economy:

Indiana Congressman Jim Banks said on Monday, March 16, 2020 that the United States should start making China to “pay the burden and the cost incurred” by the U.S. thanks to the Wuhan virus.

The Indiana elected official made the statement during an appearance on Monday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“We need to start by forcing China to pay the burden and the cost incurred on the United States of America due to the coronavirus. I think there are many ways that we can do that,” Banks stated…

“So by releasing the debt, the U.S. debt held by the Chinese, we could fund that,” Carlson said, asking Banks if he believes the Trump administration will follow through with this plan.

“I hope so,” Banks commented, congratulating the “enormous” strength Trump showed on trade deals.

“I have no doubt that President Trump will do everything that he can to hold China accountable for what they’ve caused on Americans today,” he stated…

“By refusing to let CDC come to China and study the new virus, by lying to their citizens and saying the virus wasn’t transmitted by person to person contact when they knew the opposite was true, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien has said this cost the world two months in preparation time for this virus,” Banks declared in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News.

“China needs to pay up, and Congress will be working with members of the Trump administration to learn the best way to hold them accountable,” he continued.

This entire situation has proven the need for the “America First” mindset. China has demonstrated on the grand stage that they cannot be trusted to protect the safety of the world as a global superpower.

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Canadian Health ‘Experts’ Suggest Up to Two Weeks of Mental Torture and Solitary Confinement for Kids Diagnosed with COVID-19

Psychotic levels of tyranny.



Canadian medical “experts” with Peel Health are aggressively backtracking after suggesting for parents to inflict solitary confinement upon children for up to two weeks if they are diagnosed with COVID-19.

The guidelines which have sparked widespread anger have since been removed from the Peel Health page, and state health officials are being forced to backtrack their latest COVID-19 overreach to violate the rights of children.

The initial flier that was given to children in schools can be seen here:

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There are some actual medical experts with ethics, decency and common sense who are speaking out against these ghastly policies to inflict mental torture upon children.

“This does not seem practically possible and is highly likely to cause harm to children who would already be experiencing considerable distress with having to remain at home,” Dr. Tess Clifford, who works as director for the Psychology Clinic at Queen’s University, said to the Toronto Sun.

“I don’t understand how any healthcare professional has moved so far away from the fundamentals of public health and of doing no harm that they would think that basically incarcerating a child in a room for 14 days is in any way justified,” said Dr. Martha Fulford, who works as an infectious diseases physician with Hamilton Health Sciences.

“This is shocking, especially when you consider this is being proposed for children who are not in any way sick,” she added.

Brampton, Ont. Mayor Patrick Brown wrote in a tweet on Sunday that the guidelines would be revised after the outcry of anger.

“Public Health must ensure the best interests of children & families are at the centre of recommendations,” Brown wrote. “They must be based on science with evidence for all to see. I am relieved to hear from Dr [Lawrence] Loh that this mistake is being fixed & this flyer is being removed from circulation.”

While Brown is downplaying the guidelines as a mere mistake, parents who have been deceived about the COVID-19 scamdemic for over a year now are no longer buying the spin. They now understand that mealy-mouthed bureaucratic weasels are deliberately punishing the people for the purposes of leftist social control.

Even after a year of nonstop fear porn from the mass media and every China-backed corporation going along with the lies, the masses still desire to be free and are rejecting COVID-19 tyranny. This is not good news for the globalists whose cruel policies are becoming violently unpopular among the common people.

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