Chinese Billionaire Dissident Leaking Hunter Biden Emails Says There Will Be “10,000” More Pictures After Sex Tape

A Chinese billionaire who published a tape of Hunter Biden seemingly engaging in a sex act while smoking crack cocaine on Saturday warned that more than 10,000 pictures and more videos would be released.

Wang Ding Gang is the founder of Lude Media and the Whistle Blower Movement, both of which are staunch critics of China’s ruling Communist Party. He appears to have been made privy to the contents of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, which he published on his website.

Gang announced that much more would be coming on his Parler account.

As a reminder, Hunter Biden was never “hacked.” He legally and carelessly forfeited his laptop to the owner of a Delaware computer repair store, according to the terms of an agreement he signed with the store’s owner.

There are certainly privacy implications to be considered in release of this kind of content, but Hunter Biden is no mere private figure, having used his connections to his Vice President father to leverage significant business dealings in Ukraine and seemingly China for his own benefit.

Biden is identifiable visually and through his tone of voice in at least several of the videos.

Who knows what can be used to compromise Hunter Biden in the event that his father is elected President. Both men continue to meekly look the other way, refusing to address the email scandal.

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