CLOWNWORLD: New York Museum of Natural History to Remove Teddy Roosevelt Statue

The American Museum of Natural History announced that it would remove an iconic statue of American President Theodore Roosevelt on Sunday, bowing to a politically correct leftist mob who has recently decided that the statue of Roosevelt is racist.

The statue features Roosevelt on horseback, flanked by a Native American man and an African man. The statue is intended to commemorate Roosevelt’s legacy as a world explorer and outdoorsman; Roosevelt had led a scientifically notable expedition to the continent of Africa in 1910, collecting more than 10,000 specimens of animal life largely unknown to western science at the time.

The statue had been defaced by left-wing vandals in 2017, in one of the first acts of opposition to the image of American history.

Ellen V. Futter, the President of the Museum- which Roosevelt himself played a crucial role in founding- explained her decision to purge the President’s image from the facility, although there’s no explanation of where the statue(which was installed in 1940) is going to be placed. “We believe that moving the statue can be a symbol of progress in our commitment to build and sustain an inclusive and equitable society.

Cultural leftists and ANTIFA militants have increasingly shown a propensity to target not only Confederate memorabilia statues, but images of American Presidents for destruction in their rampage against Western and American civilization. Commemoration of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ulysses Grant have been targeted by the cultural left in recent days, and it appears that Teddy Roosevelt is joining their distinguished company.

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