Comedian Owen Benjamin Has Been BANNED By Twitter

In the latest attack on a popular internet personality that steps outside of leftist dogma, Twitter has suspended both of comedian Owen Benjamin’s Twitter accounts. For months Benjamin has been pushing the envelope on Twitter, seeing just how far he take jokes. But that’s all they are: jokes.

For those in Silicon Valley, though, words are violence. That means that any joke that offends them shouldn’t be told.

Benjamin has been laser focused on free speech and has held nothing back in criticizing the authoritarian nature of big tech companies. Everyday he took to Twitter to rail on social justice warriors and this new trend that ostracizes and silences any voice that goes against leftist ideology.

It’s quite ironic that the loudest voices for free speech keep being silenced by Big Brother Tech.

Just last week Benjamin’s popular YouTube channel was taken off the site briefly in what appeared to be a widespread “glitch,” but a lot of the effected accounts run in the same circles including Stephen Crowder’s channel. Many have speculated that the widespread “glitch” was actually a test by YouTube’s censors.

There’s no word on when if ever, Benjamin’s Twitter account will be restored. A we’ve seen with many right-wing personalities, the ban could easily be permanent and the tech companies rarely if ever publicly comment on why the suspension was laid down.

For now, Benjamin is asking for his fans to support him via Patreon, but there’s no telling when they will decide to target him and delete his account.

This is a huge blow for free speech advocates, but an even bigger blow to those to enjoy hilarious comedy.

Big League Politics will update you as we learn more information about Benjamin’s suspension.

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