Comey Ducks and Dodges In Capitol Hill Testimony

James Comey ducked and dodged in his testimony Friday to Republican House members, which might necessitate a return visit from the embattled former FBI chief.

Of course, it’s predictable that Comey would seek to obscure the facts of the FBI’s joke investigation into the Clinton Foundation and other issues pertaining to the Operation Crossfire Hurricane plot to sink President Trump and people around him. So, Republicans should probably be more prepared and forceful when they interview people in this fashion, because this is all getting old. Really, the whole “What can be done about this Corruption” victimization line coming from Republicans is so far past its expiration date, which should have been November 8, 2016.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is reportedly clearing out Obama’s FBI and bringing in new officials.

Congressional Republicans should probably focus on protecting President Trump from dishonest special counsel investigators and the independent media from Silicon Valley censors, because that’s pretty much the least they can do at this point to assist in the effort of Making America Great Again. And for them, the least they can do is kind of like winning the Super Bowl.

I reported for Big League Politics:

WASHINGTON — Fired former FBI director James Comey will be guilty of perjury if he testifies that President Donald Trump tried to influence his Russia investigation, according to a top national attorney who is well-versed in the matter.

Comey will testify sometime after Memorial Day (Monday) in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey also postponed his testimony before NeverTrumper Jason Chaffetz’s House Oversight Committee in order to have a conversation with “Russia” special investigator Robert Mueller. The testimony will hinge on a conversation that Trump allegedly had with Comey, in which Trump allegedly discussed the investigation into his former national security adviser General Michael Flynn.

Comey is already hinting that he is going to try to get Trump implicated in an “obstruction of justice” plot. A strange CNN article cited a “person familiar with his thinking” to claim that Comey “now believes that President Donald Trump was trying to influence his judgment about the Russia probe.” The article notes that intent must be proven before an obstruction of justice charge can be leveled at Trump.

But as Big League Politics reported, Comey previously testified in no uncertain terms that Trump did not obstruct his investigations. Comey made that statement under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A major national attorney told Big League Politics that Comey is “damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.”

“To change his story would suggest he lied to Congress and perjured himself,” the lawyer said about the potential open-and-shut perjury case. “He would be guilty of perjury under 18 US Code Section 1621.”

Here is Comey’s sworn statement clearing Trump of obstruction of justice and rendering Comey’s upcoming testimony meaningless to the establishment cause of impeaching the president (unless they can find something else to try before the testimony happens):

With Comey knocked out of the game, the Establishment forces are seeing their Russia narrative fall apart. CNN recently ran a segment reporting that Russians tried to use Flynn as a back-channel to get to Trump, which actually hurts their own argument because why would the Russians need a back-channel to a president they are supposedly already manipulating?

Blackwater founder Erik Prince, who was also accused of being involved in some kind of Russian back-channel to get to Trump, made that obvious point in an interview with Fox News truth-telling madman Tucker Carlson.

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