Concerned Citizens Demand ‘Redress of Grievances’ in Protest at Home of Florida School Board Member

A controversial protest is going viral where concerned citizens in Sarasota, Fla. demonstrated outside of a school board member’s home demanding a “redress of grievances.”

Sarasota school board member Shirley Brown, a supporter of the marxist, anti-American pseudohistory commonly referred to as critical race theory, was greeted by members of her community outside of her home on Monday night.

“We see you in there, Shirley. We want you to come out for a redress of grievances. This is the line we will die on. Shirley, come out. We have some questions and we have demands that need to be met,” a protester said.

A clip from the rally can be seen here:

Protests like these are being used by far-left thugs to revoke the 1st Amendment rights of parents enraged about the indoctrination measures their children are being forced to endure at public schools:

However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made it clear that peaceful protests like the one outside of the Sarasota school board member’s home will never be considered a crime in his state.

Big League Politics reported about how the FBI at the behest of the National School Boards Association is profiling concerned parents as a potential terror threat now as the Biden’s illegitimate coup government takes shape:

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the FBI has begun a wide-ranging probe into parents who oppose critical race theory indoctrination on Monday, falsely alleging widescale “harassment” of far-left school board members and administrators…

Concerned parents have increasingly stood up to CRT indoctrination in public schools, with leftist teacher unions appealing to the federal government to crush any resistance to anti-white curriculum. The National School Board Association had claimed opponents of CRT were engaged in “domestic terrorism” last month, with groups of parents proving increasingly successful in holding leftist school administrators accountable.

Conservatives have increasingly considered withdrawing their children from public schools. Some red state and local governments have considered banning CRT anti-white indoctrination from classrooms, a measure Garland’s federal probe is arguably means to deter through intimidation and bullying.

CRT advocates have sought to bully and fire real public educators who stand in their way, in a campaign of suppression that’s actually worthy of federal investigation.”

While the Sarasota protest may make weak conservatives grovel, they are ultimately what is needed is America is going to reverse its downslide into tyranny and collapse.

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