Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer Promotes Campaign Comparing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to the Taliban for Restricting Free Speech

U.S. Congressional candidate Laura Loomer is promoting a campaign comparing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to the Taliban for his hostility toward free speech.

Loomer was among the first dissidents to be banned from Twitter by Dorsey in order to suppress her reporting, but she has never missed an opportunity to slam Dorsey for his Big Brother tactics in restricting the free flow of information. This is why she is promoting OPERATION TaliBANNED, which has initiated a brutal flier campaign against Dorsey around Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

“For years, I have been raising awareness about Twitter’s alliance with Islamic terrorist organizations  and their willingness to platform enemies of America. This is a concept I have referred to as Silicon Sharia, as Twitter has shown  they have no problem banning millions of Americans for their constitutionally protected speech, including myself and sitting President Donald Trump during our elections, while they happily provide a platform for recruitment and propaganda  for actual terrorists,” Loomer said in a statement.

“OPERATION TaliBANNED was created to highlight this absurdity and how Big tech tyrants like Jack Dorsey continue to wage digital jihad on free speech in America with widespread bans rooted in the false Left-wing notion that conservatives and Trump supporters are the real terrorists. Twenty years ago, Twitter did not exist, but it would have been unfathomable to every American that someday in America, the leader of one of the most powerful tech companies in the world would aid and avert Islamic terrorists in the digital public sphere. Jack Dorsey has made it clear that thanks to people like him, Americans are less safe than they were 20 years ago,” she added.

Big League Politics has reported on how Loomer’s campaign for U.S. Congress in Florida in 2020 hit major fundraising milestones despite being blackballed by Big Tech:

When banished journalist Laura Loomer announced she was running for Congress as a Republican in Florida’s 21st U.S. House district, her campaign was immediately laughed off by fake news commentators and establishment GOP hacks.

After her the announcement of her initial fundraising numbers, they are laughing no longer. Loomer is raking in money that makes her a legitimate Congressional contender in next year’s election.

Her campaign made the announcement on Tuesday that she had raised over $154,000 in only 60 days of fundraising. She received third quarter donations from 2,314 individuals throughout the country, demonstrating her broad and diverse donor base, with the average donation being $66.

The press release issued by Loomer’s campaign noted that socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has only raised $59,000 in her first two quarters while serving as a Congresswoman. Loomer’s potential opponent in next year’s general election, Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel, raised $107,000 despite being a political veteran.

The success of Loomer’s campaign is showing that there is massive grassroots support behind the journalist, and she is being cancelled by social media because of her effectiveness.”

Loomer is running for Congress again in 2022, this time setting her sights on RINO Rep. Daniel Webster’s seat in Florida’s 11th Congressional District. If she can bag this RINO, she will be a voice against Big Tech hegemony in Congress unlike any other.

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