CONSERVATIVE INC. GAG ORDER? Lauren Chen of BlazeTV Deletes Popular Tweet Defending Charlie Kirk’s Critics

Conservative Inc. is getting desperate to suppress dissent after a grassroots revolt has started at “Culture War” events hosted by Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk, where the pro-drag queen student leader has been bombarded with questions about his ideology.

After a TPUSA event at Ohio State University crashed and burned on Wednesday night, Conservative Inc. is in full-blown damage control, and they are attempting to cancel paleoconservative video blogger Nick Fuentes as a result.

Trust fund conservative Will Chamberlain, who has presided over the fizzling Human Events re-launch, accused Fuentes of “anti-semitism” in many Twitter posts throughout the day.

BlazeTV’s Lauren Chen cried foul at Chamberlain’s desperate smears and made a post in favor of free speech for TPUSA’s critics.

Her Twitter post, which quickly racked up many likes on the platform, can be seen here:

However, Chen removed the post from Twitter after it started to gain popularity, perhaps after receiving orders from her boss Glenn Beck.

Kirk makes frequent appearances on Beck’s radio show where he receives effusive praise from the former “Never Trump” leader.

The orders have clearly come from the top, as the right-wing griftosphere lines up to throw Fuentes under the bus. They are using leftist guilt-by-association tactics to smear Kirk’s questioners in an attempt to quell the grassroots uprising against Conservative Inc.

Disgraced plagiarist turned TPUSA speaker Benny Johnson compared the questioners to the Westboro Baptist Church for having the audacity to oppose the LGBT agenda:

Former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka petitioned Twitter to have Fuentes thrown off the platform, calling him a “holocaust denier” without offering proof:

Co-founder of Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire blog, Jeremy Boreing bashed the questioners for not understanding the virtues of American liberalism:

Frequent Trump critic Brad Polumbo of the Washington Examiner gave credit to Kirk for defending the LGBT agenda by hurling insults toward Christian questioners:

Another Washington Examiner reporter, Siraj Hashmi posted a clip from a Young Turks hit piece in which Fuentes called for consequences to be levied against the fake news that President Trump has repeatedly called the enemies of America:

However, not every voice is piling on to destroy Fuentes and malign the free speech of Kirk’s questioners. Some prominent right-wingers have defended the questioners, and criticized the leftist-style digital lynch mob orchestrated by Conservative Inc.

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich expressed shock at Conservative Inc. figures calling for Fuentes to get booted from social media:

Popular video blogger Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News posted a video response to the controversy in which he explained the gate-keeping ways of Turning Point’s UK chapter:

Michelle Malkin echoed the concerns of one questioner who called out Kirk for his immigration policies that would open the flood gates for foreign workers from the third-world to come to the US and vote Democrat:

The grassroots revolt against Kirk is making it easier than ever to see who is genuine in the American right, as Conservative Inc. readily adopts the tactics of the Left to stifle the dissent it cannot control.

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