Conservative Journalist Jacob Engels Suspended On Twitter For Calling Out Radical Islam

Conservative journalist Jacob Engels has been suspended by Twitter after calling radical Islam in Europe.

In the post Engels suspects caused his suspension, he responds to a video showing a Christian street preacher being arrested in Britain. He tags Rep. Omar Ilhan, alluding that the display in the video is what Omar, a documented anti-Semite, supports.

Engels also mentions other issues in Europe, such as Muslim grooming gangs and terrorist attacks. The mere mention of Muslim grooming gangs is enough to be suspended on Twitter, as anti-radical Islam activist Tommy Robinson was last year.

Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer was also suspended from Twitter after exposing anti-Semitism from Rep. Omar.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Engels blasts Twitter for their actions. He specifically references the fact that he is gay as a driving reason for his opposition to radical Islam, which as an ideology believes he should be killed.

“The fact that Twitter banned my account for showcasing the targeting of an elderly Black Christian being harassed and arrested in Europe is disgusting. As a gay journalist, I have many concerns with the radicalization of Europe and how it’s become infested with Islamists who do not respect life. Familial rape gangs? They have no issue with that. Anti-Semitic rants from Ilhan Omar in the homeland… an elected member of Congress.. Twitter does nothing. But a gay man discussing current events… it is criminal! Twitter should be made aware that I will sue them and organize on the streets to draw attention to this travesty. It will be peaceful and it will be monumental.”

Big League Politics also reached out to Laura Loomer, who is an expert on being banned from social media platforms, to get her take.

“Once again Silicon Valley Sharia is snowing it’s colors. A gay conservative has been suspended from twitter for criticizing and posting facts about Islamic Jihad and a radical Muslim congresswoman who is tied to terrorist orgs, preaches Jew hatred, and associates with homophobic imams like Siraj Wahhaj. How it is a violation of twitter’s terms of service to point out egregious hypocrisy and truths in society? One thing is becoming more and more clear. Any criticism of Islam is not welcome on Twitter. But, if you want to call for the president to be assassinated, write #KillAllJews, or even say you hate Christians, that is allowed on twitter. But god forbid you posts facts as a gay conservative journalist!”

Engels is a longtime conservative activist, who regularly contributes to our good friends at the Gateway Pundit.

In recent weeks, he has come under fire due to his association with Robert Mueller-target Roger Stone, being called Stone’s mini-me in the Daily Beast.

Engels has also worked closely with this Big League Politics reporter in our historic coverage of the 2018 Florida governor’s race, in which our coverage likely turned the race around for Governor Ron DeSantis, who was expected to lose early on.

Big League Politics will keep track of this story, and will update it if a reason is given for his suspension.

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