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‘Conservatives’ Selling Their Soul To Zuckerberg Were (Of Course) #NeverTrump

Many of those falling back on the private company defense of Facebook and their supporters were vehemently anti-Trump.



After a gang of establishment conservatives dogpiled on Big League Politics for condemning their ill-informed stance on tech censorship, we dug into their Twitter history and discovered — no surprise — they were vehemently #NeverTrump in the 2016 campaign.

On Friday, Big League Politics wrote an article exposing the naivete or complicity of Campus Reform media director and former Marco Rubio stooge Cabot Phillips on the issue of tech censorship. In response, Phillips and his fellow establishment conservatives spent the next several hours attempting to smear Big League Politics on Twitter. Phillips is the son of Tim Phillips, president of the Koch-funded group Americans For Prosperity, which is lobbying Congress to defend Big Tech from any antitrust measures.

After investigating who was joining in on the dogpile, we discovered many of Phillips’ supporters, including writers for The Resurgent, Town Hall, former College Republicans officials, and others were obnoxiously against President Donald J. Trump in the last election.

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It began with one Big League Politics journalist searching the Twitter history of Phillips for tweets containing “Trump”, and discovering page after page of anti-Trump posts.

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We then moved on to Caleb Hull, who called into question Big League Politics’ bombshell exclusive that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam had a racist photo in his medical school yearbook showing him either in Ku Klux Klan robes or blackface.

While Hull apparently deleted hundreds of tweets mentioning President Trump, we found one he missed from 2018, in which he attempted to slam the president for replacing Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.

Big League Politics then examined prominent individuals who used the “like” feature to express support for Phillips and Hull.

These include former president of the Berkeley College Republicans, Brad Devlin, media strategist and Resurgent writer Gabriella Hoffman, College Republicans National Committee official Ben Rajadurai, Town Hall contributor Micah Rate, NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck, and Washington Examiner contributor Angela Morabito.

All of these individuals had volumes of anti-Trump tweets published from 2015 through 2017, though many made a 180 degree turn and suddenly began defending President Trump after he was inaugurated president in 2017.

Devlin, for instance, called the entire Republican primary field “pathetic”, including conservative superstars President Trump, Sen. Rand Paul, and Sen. Tex Cruz.

However, he seemed to have deleted most of his more offensive tweets. The other names mentioned were not so careful.

Morabito engaged in the conspiracy theory that former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewendowski assaulted failed journalist Michelle Fields during a campaign event, and insinuated that President Trump “bought off” Breitbart News.

She also mocked President Trump’s immigration policy of “extreme vetting”, likening it to reality television.

From here things escalated quickly.

Houck called himself “proudly #NeverTrump,” wrote that Trump’s candidacy depressed him, claimed he was incompetent and unintelligent, and gleefully claimed that President Trump would never win the election. These are only some of the most egregious anti-Trump tweets we discovered.

Meanwhile, Rajadurai was busy claiming that C.J. Pearson, the youthful African American conservative, only endorsed President Trump to receive attention, revealing that he dislikes Sen. Elizabeth Warren only slightly more than President Trump, condemning the president is a racist, and shilling for failed presidential candidate Jeb(!) Bush.

Rate compared the Republican Party under Trump to a “dumpster fire”, claimed President Trump welcoming Stephen Bannon onto the campaign represented an olive branch to the Alt Right, and called President Trump a “choke artist” with no path to victory in the general election. He also declared that President Trump was not a conservative.

Hoffman was perhaps the most prolific anti-Trump Twitter user of the bunch in 2016, comparing President Trump to Smeagol from “Lord of the Rings”, slamming him for keeping his eyes open (yes, really), celebrating a crowd of lobbyists and Republican establishment members booing at the president during the early debates, and claiming that President Trump’s supporters had been “hoodwinked.”

She also was convinced that Sen. Cruz and Rubio could team up to “take down” President Trump’s candidacy long after the then-candidate’s electoral victory was all but assured.

However, at least Hoffman remained consistent over the years prior to changing her tune after President Trump’s inauguration. She had called him a “Trojan Horse Liberal” in 2011.

Perhaps this should come as no surprise to those who have been closely monitoring these #NeverTrump stooges over the years, but it would appear the vast majority of those celebrating big tech companies censoring and banning prominent conservative voices like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos were all vehemently anti-Trump during his candidacy.

After all, if those who used their voices to help President Trump get elected in 2016 are banned, the formerly #NeverTrump conservatives who have embedded themselves in the America First movement may finally get their wish of seeing the president fail electorally in 2020.


YouTube Censors Videos Posted by Independent Journalist Ford Fischer of Protests Near Biden’s Inauguration

Raw journalism hurts the globalist elite.



Independent journalist Ford Fischer of News2Share is reporting that three of his YouTube videos are being censored.

Fischer announced in a Twitter post that the Google-owned video streaming service has targeted three of his videos that showed interactions between various protesters of different political stripes on Biden’s inauguration day.

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Big League Politics has reported on YouTube’s hostility toward any messages that may cause the masses to doubt the official globalist corporate narrative:

Dr. Scott Atlas, who has emerged as President Donald Trump’s most credible advisor on COVID-19 policy, is being censored by YouTube.

Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, has spoken out consistently against the mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19. YouTube recently censored a Hoover video in which he was speaking about the lies peddled by the medical establishment during the pandemic.

“They put in a lockdown… They did not calculate at all the harms of the lockdown, the consequences of the lockdown. They did a stop COVID 19 at all costs. They used hypothetical projection models that were so egregiously wrong, far, far off. Yet they keep citing those models,” Atlas said while appearing on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson. The video is still available on the Hoover Institute website.

“All over the world, Switzerland, Iceland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Asian countries, there is a minimal, if any, risk of children transmitting the disease, even to their parents. It’s not just that children are not at risk at all from this disease. They also do not even transmit the disease,” he continued.

“The science is really not science. It’s a fear-based and cherry-picking of certain studies. It’s very poor analysis. As I say many times, a lotta smart people are doing a lotta sloppy thinking,” Atlas added.

In addition to being targeted by Youtube, Fischer has also been targeted by other tech monopolies as well. Facebook has regularly stopped him from hosting his content on their platform for various reasons.

However, Fischer has shown that the tech giants will capitulate after enough public pressure, as he has had videos reinstated on the major platforms after being initially targeted by censorship measures.

By targeting popular journalists with large followings such as Fischer, the Big Tech giants are making themselves increasingly loathed among the masses. The behavior of these tech monopolies is setting the stage for new regulations that will break up their stranglehold or market alternatives rising that will protect freedom of speech.

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