Corey Stewart Bashes Tim Kaine for Attending “Abolish ICE” Rally

A U.S. Senate hopeful from Virginia released a devastating ad today, bashing his opponent for speaking at a “Families Belong Together” rally where protestors called to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Tim Kaine attended an “Abolish ICE” rally on June 30th and has done nothing in D.C. but raise taxes, support abortion, destroy jobs, oppose guns, and oppose President Trump!” the video caption reads.


Last week, Big League Politics reported on Kaine’s attendance at the rally:

““The President thought he could separate kids from their parents, and the American public wouldn’t care” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) to protestors. “That’s the only reason he did it. He thought they wouldn’t care. But the President realized that America has a moral gag reflex and we are revolted by his decision.”

It is well established that the current border policy has been in place since at least the Bush administration. The faux-outrage is a tired routine, but somebody has to play Senator. Watch the full clip here. Speaking of gag reflexes, the clip is pretty cringeworthy.

More importantly than the Senator’s dog-and-pony show is the fact that protestors at this event were completely in favor abolishing ICE.”

BLP Passage Ends. 

Much of Virginia U.S. Senate media coverage has focused on Stewart’s past affiliations with congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, who made anti-Semitic remarks and was subsequently shunned by the Republican party. Stewart was associated with Nehlen well before the disparaging remarks were made.

Neoconservative site Daily Wire wrote a deceptive hit-piece on Stewart and Nehlen’s alleged relationship during the primary race in an attempt to get Stewart’s primary opponent elected.

None of the media, however, seem to have taken notice of Tim Kaine’s connections to the radical left.

Not only has Kaine attended rallies with and openly supported radical leftists, his own son was arrested and charged with resisting arrest at an Antifa rally where smoke bombs and fireworks were set off inside the Minnesota Capitol.

Stewart is fighting back with his latest ad.

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