Covington Boys And CJ Pearson Raise More Than $50,000 For Students For Life

For the past week, left-wing media has been working overtime to destroy the reputations of the kids from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. And their “crime” was doing high school spirit chants to drown out racist hate preachers while wearing Make America Great Again Hats.

The high school students have spent the past week defending themselves against the full-fledged media hate-mob, as the original story about the situation has unraveled, proving their innocence.

Tucker Carlson explained the entire situation better than anybody else can in a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

But throughout the situation the students have resorted to using their newfound prominence for good.

With their approval, conservative activist CJ Pearson started a GoFundMe page originally meant to pay for their legal, and other forms of defense cost.

While the GoFundMe originally stated that 50% would go to the pro-life student group, Students For Life, a generous private donor made it possible to have 100% of funds go to the group.

So today, when the full goal amount was met, the Covington Boys and CJ Pearson have officially raised $50,000 for the pro-life group.

The High School students were initially in Washington D.C. for the “March for Life,” so it only makes sense for this money to go to that cause.

You can access the GoFundMe at this link.

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