COWARD: University of Florida Quarterback Anthony Richardson Disavows ‘AR-15’ Nickname

University of Florida Quarterback Anthony Richardson has disavowed his “AR-15” nickname, according to reporting from ESPN.

Richardson has not fulfilled any of his potential as a top college football prospect but is already bending the knee to the politically correct “woke” cultural regime.

“While a nickname is only a nickname and ‘AR-15’ was simply a representation of my initials combined with my jersey number, it is important to me that my name and brand are no longer associated with the semi-automatic rifle that has been used in mass shootings, which I do not condone in any way or form,” the low IQ ball thrower stated in a post on his official website prepared by his handlers. 

“My representatives and I are currently working on rebranding, which includes the creation of a new logo and transitioning to simply using ‘AR’ and my name, Anthony Richardson,” they added.

Big League Politics has reported on American sports becoming a sounding board for the most aggressively idiotic far-left political takes:

ESPN host J.A. Adande recently stated that he believes Americans have no room to criticize Chinese communist despotism because of voter ID laws that are being enacted across the country.

Adande made the extremely low IQ take while appearing on the Friday edition of ESPN’s Around the Horn sports commentary show.

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