COWARDLY: David Hogg Ignores Gun Rights Activist’s Questions

Georgia Gun Owners member Marjorie Taylor Greene had an unexpected confrontation with gun control golden child David Hogg on March 25, 2019.

While doing a live video to protest “red flag” gun confiscation legislation, Senate Bill 7, the gun rights activists coincidentally ran into the prolific gun control advocate David Hogg.

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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham held a hearing on the “red flag” gun confiscation order bill, S.7, on March 26.

This bill has the co-sponsorship of Republican Senator Marco Rubio and is one of the legislative priorities of gun control oligarch Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action. Since the 2018 Parkland shooting,  red flag laws have been adopted in numerous state legislatures across the country.

Georgia Gun Owners claim that bills like S.7 are “just another way to chip away at our Second Amendment rights” despite gun control advocates’ claims that red flag gun confiscation orders keep “guns out of the hands of bad people”.

The gun rights organization added:

In a nutshell, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation allows someone to make a claim that a gun owner is a threat to themselves or someone else and allows a judge order the firearms to be seized pending a future hearing.

Big League Politics reported how a bipartisan consensus was starting to emerge around red flag gun confiscation, with Lindsey Graham leading the charge. This has caused certain gun organizations like Gun Owners of America to rise up against these gun control efforts.

Gun rights activists like Taylor Greene have now taken action by going to Washington DC to protest this latest gun control scheme.

Running into David Hogg presented a rare opportunity for the gun rights organization to get him on the record for his radical gun control views.

After all, Hogg was one of the leading protesters of a Florida bill sponsored by Mike Hill , that would have repealed Florida’s red flag gun confiscation law. Hogg said that this bill would have “cost live” and have blood on Hill’s hands.

Despite Taylor Greene’s efforts to get Hogg on the record, the young gun control activist ignored her questions.

Taylor Greene commented on Hogg’s silence, claiming that Hogg “is a coward because he can’t defend his stance. Because there is no defense for taking away guns.”

The battle against red flag laws is far from over as gun rights activists to continue to raise the alarms on this legislation.


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