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CRIMINAL NEGLECT: Documented Cases of Abuse Left Unresolved for Eight Months by Michigan CPS Agents

A damning investigation finds CPS is guilty of breaking Michigan law and neglecting children.



A memorandum obtained by Big League Politics has shown that Child Protective Services (CPS) agents in the state of Michigan are regularly breaking the law that requires abuse claims to be investigated within thirty days, which some cases of reported abuse ultimately languishing for as long as eight months.

The Michigan auditor general found during a multi-year investigation that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) was regularly violating the law and putting vulnerable kids at risk.

MDHHS officials did not start 17 percent of investigations within the 24 hours mandated by Michigan state law, and they did not complete the investigations within the mandated time frame in 30 percent of cases. In cases that CPS agents were derelict, the average delay was 44 days with others having to wait eight months for their abuse investigation to be completed.

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The CPS budget for fiscal year 2020 is $208,558,500, according to the memorandum, which indicates that the organization is not underfunded. The criminal neglect from these unaccountable bureaucrats may be due to more than just incompetence.

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Other abuses discovered during the AG review include refusal to conduct central registry clearances for 70 percent of investigations, no criminal history checks conducted in over 50 percent of cases, failure to conduct complete CPS history checks for families and household residents in 40 percent of investigations, improper harm assessment in 35 percent of cases, the omission of at least 257 perpetrators of child abuse and/or neglect from the central registry, failure to alert individuals that they had been added to the Central Registry, and many others.

The memorandum noted that MDHHS agreed that CPS had been guilty of the plethora of abuses, but ultimately refuse to change the culture of malfeasance that plagues the agency.

Big League Politics reported last week on how the disreputable behavior of Michigan CPS agents ultimately resulted in a daughter being raped by her father:

After one anonymous CPS victim received a divorce from her husband, he began calling CPS regularly and spreading rumor and innuendo against her to the office. As a result, she was investigated constantly by CPS while her concerns about her ex-husband were shrugged off by officials.

When the woman shared her concerns that her daughter was being “groomed” for abuse by her ex-husband, the CPS worker sided with her ex-husband and actually brought him into her home during one bizarre and heinously unprofessional instance.

She eventually lost custody of all three of her children, two teenage boys and one teenage daughter, based what she calls lies made up by her ex-husband after a medical incident at school involving one of her boys. CPS recommended that the ex-husband take full custody of her kids as a result.

Stricken with grief, the woman had to check herself into a mental hospital after her concerns regarding her daughter’s “grooming” were never investigated. CPS workers refused to return her calls, and then her worst fears were realized. The two boys reportedly found evidence that their own father was repeatedly raping their sister and submitted it into police affidavits.

Even with litigation that is pending against the ex-husband for allegedly raping his daughter, the woman has still not been able to regain full custody of her daughter. CPS continues to stand in her way, and refuses to give a case to a judge to grant her full custody. CPS has offered to pay for therapy sessions for the two boys and their sister to deal with the trauma of the ordeal, but has not specified on how the agency will pay.

When investigators in the Michigan Capitol reached out to CPS officials for comment on this case, most were tight-lipped out of fear. Only two were willing to speak anonymously.

“We f**ked up and there’s nothing we can do,” one CPS worker said.

Another agent confirmed that the details of the anonymous woman’s story were in fact correct, but would not issue any further comment due to fear of bureaucratic retaliation and losing their employment.

The memorandum lists House Bill 4707, House Bill 4708, and House Bill 4709 as legislation currently active in Lansing that will begin to reform the out-of-control CPS and DHHS agencies in the state of Michigan. All three pieces of legislation have passed the Michigan House in overwhelming action, and await further action in the Senate Families, Seniors And Veterans Committee.


Democrat Rep Says Gretchen Whitmer’s Policy to Put COVID-19 Patients in Nursing Homes is ‘Most Idiotic Thing We Could Come Up With’

Michigan state rep. Leslie Love’s mother has been diagnosed with coronavirus.



Michigan state representative Leslie Love (D-Detroit) is enraged because of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s incomprehensible decision to house COVID-19 patients inside of nursing homes around vulnerable elderly individuals who are most likely to die because of the disease.

Love’s mother is confined to a nursing home. She tested positive for the disease after COVID-19 patients were being warehoused in nursing homes for weeks. She believes this policy is the “most idiotic thing we could come up with” to deal with the negative ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Why the state of Michigan has chosen this path is beyond me,” Love said. “It seems like the most idiotic thing we could come up with.”

State Senator Pete Lucido (R-Shelby Township) is also enraged at the deadly policy that the governor has mandated that quite possibly has sent countless elderly individuals to their untimely graves.

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“It’s reckless disregard for human life,” Lucido said. “It’s negligent to allow it to continue, but it’s intentional now at this point.”

Big League Politics reported last week about how a 20-year-old COVID patient was quarantined around elderly people in a nursing home despite the fact that he was severely mentally ill and had a pending felony charge:

Shocking developments have come to light in the case of a young black man who brutally battered an elderly military veteran at a nursing home in a video that went viral on social media.

The father of the assailant is speaking out, saying that his son suffers from serious mental illness and was quarantined in a nursing home with at-risk elderly people after testing positive for COVID-19.

Kimberly Craig of WXYZ 7 ABC broke the insane news that shows how the most vulnerable are being put at risk due to the decisions of government bureaucrats and the so-called first responders.

“He has issues and for them to put him in a facility like that, nothing good was going to happen,” the suspect’s father said to 7 Action News.

In addition to having a history of mental illness, the assailant has an assault case that is pending in Washtenaw County. This highly dangerous individual was put around vulnerable people who he could brutalize as well as possibly infect with COVID-19.

The assailant’s father said that his son had been taken to a group home for supervision, but had a mental health relapse as he was hearing voices in his head. When he was taken to the University of Michigan Hospital for supervision as a result, he was diagnosed with COVID-19. That is when he was taken to the Westwood Nursing Center where he would commit his savage assault.

It is unknown whether or not the nursing home called the police to alert them about the assault that had taken place in their facilities…

“He never should have been housed.. quarantined with the victim that he eventually assaulted. That should have never happened,” the father said. “Someone dropped the ball.”

The person who dropped the ball may have been Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who issued a directive that forced COVID-19 patients to be housed in nursing homes.

Blood is on Gov. Whitmer’s hands for her mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, and even certain Democrats cannot support her failed leadership any longer.

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