David Hogg Forgot His White Privilege When He Whined About Clear Backpacks

Virtue signaler extraordinaire David Hogg, went on to whine about having to wear clear backpacks, and carry IDs at his high school following the Valentines day shooting that left 17 dead.¬†When speaking to Axios, Hogg stated that the policy is a violation of student’s First Amendment rights, and that it “makes them feel isolated from the rest of American school culture.”


First off, white privilege doesn’t actually exist. But if you were going to look through the eyes of someone like David Hogg, who argues that it does, this is a case where an argument could easily be made.

To Hogg, having security measures like clear backpacks may be something that he doesn’t understand based on his culture growing up in a higher than average income, white community like Parkland, Florida. But to students in lower income, higher minority populations, these security measures are the norm.

There is no data that could be found on compulsory clear backpacks in High Schools, but based on what could be found on the internet, more extreme school security measures like the ones being implemented at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are much more common in low-income areas.

There wasn’t much to find online, but there were a number of articles showing this policy in areas like Chicago, where gun violence is rampant compared to the rest of the country.

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