David Hogg: Self-Appointed Meme War General

Gun control activist David Hogg has chosen to declare war against the alt-right on Twitter, asking for his supporters to “enlist” in the war alongside him.

What Hogg means by the “alt-right” is unknown. The term, which was originally popularized simply as an alternative to mainstream right-wing politics, generally with more economically nationalist positions, and a populist approach to messaging, has become an umbrella term for Trump supporters to the far-left.

In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since the election of Donald Trump, the alt-right has radically shifted to the fringes of far-right, and occasionally far-left positions. Richard Spencer, who has taken up the mantle as a leader in the alt-right has openly endorsed socialism, and come out against free speech, positions that many in the originally popularized meaning of “alt-right” would strongly oppose.

Some of the first memes submitted to Hogg in the “meme war” against the alt-right show that this war isn’t just against the alt-right, but against anyone with right of center opinions.


But while a few of Hogg’s supporters launched some low-quality memes in response to his call, many on the right fired back with some dank memes of their own.


Hogg’s meme war against the right probably isn’t going to go the way he thinks it will. The right are experts at meme warfare, which many believe caused them to win the 2016 election for Donald Trump.

The left has trouble creating quality memes because memes have always been at least somewhat provocative. It is hard to be provocative when your entire base spends half their time whining about “trigger warnings” and “micro-aggressions.”

I’m sure the “veterans” of the 2016 meme war that election Donald Trump are looking forward to taking on General David Hogg of the “Tide Pod” division in this war.

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