David Hogg Smears Sarah Sanders, Major Conservative Conference As ‘White Supremacist’

Far-left gun control activist David Hogg took to Twitter to attack the upcoming American Priority Conference in Miami, FL, which former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is speaking at, as “white supremacist.”

In a Tweet to his nearly one million followers, Hogg links to an article from the Miami Herald, which laughably calls the conference “far-right,” just to scold the Herald for not going far enough in their description.

“Stop being kind to White supremacists,” Hogg said. “They are not far-right they are White supremacist,”

This is not the first racially charged Tweet Hogg has made in recent days. Just yesterday he made an insensitive, inaccurate, and vulgar Tweet directed at white people.

The American Priority Conference is taking place at the Trump National Doral Resort in Miami Florida on October 10-12th this year. Along with Sanders, the speakers include Rep. Matt Gaetz, Dinesh D’Souza,  #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, and tech CEO Rich Granville.

None of these figures have ever supported “white supremacy,” or could even be accurately describes as “far-right.” The only reason the left-wing media is attacking the conference is that is has clear pro-Trump themes to it.

Big League Politics reached out to Ricky Rebel, a Grammy Award winning singer who will be both speaking, and performing at the conference, who had a message for Hogg.

“I’d like to tell David Hogg that he needs to get his head out of his ass, and that not everybody who has a different point of view than him is a white supremacist,” Rebel loudly declared to BLP. “We are not white supremacists. We love all races, and all types of people. The organizers have no problem with anybody of any race, or sexual orientation. Even he is welcome if he wants to debate the issues, we would love to do that.”

The conference itself will include speakers, numerous different panels and training sessions on politics and culture, along with live music performances, and charity golf and poker games.

BLP attended the first American Priority Conference. While the event itself was stacked with a list of some of the biggest names in alternative media, along with high-level political operates like Roger Stone, lead organizer Alex Philips openly admits to some pitfalls, largely relating to security, and the event venue itself.

“We didn’t find the area very hospitable and friendly to what we were trying to do,” Phillips told Politico in an interview.

Regardless, for event attendees at the first conference, it was a blast, and it appears that organizer Phillips is truly kicking things up a notch this year. The speakers list includes some of the biggest names in the new right, and has the possibility of becoming a version of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that will be more hospitable for conservatives in the age of Donald Trump.

Conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin masterfully blasted CPAC from the main stage at last year’s conference. The conference noticeably snubbed conservative figures like Ann Coulter, while including far-left commentators like Van Jones.

American Priority is likely to be what CPAC could have been, and tickets are going fast. They can be purchased at their website, https://americanpriority.com/.


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