Deep State Republican Congressman Defends Pelosi Against President Trump

Notable Never Trump congressman Will Hurd attacked President Donald Trump for his allegedly “doctored” video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

A video that President Donald Trump recently shared on social media has been making waves during the past few days. Critics argued that the video was digitally modified in order to make Pelosi appear to be impaired while giving a speech.

Trump shared a Fox news video from “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that showed numerous verbal pauses from the House Speaker.

Hurd commented on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that “You shouldn’t disseminate information that you know is ultimately doctored.”

The Texas congressman argued that “this is going to escalate this debate and this fight.”

He added that “We have old laws to decide how you handle disinformation” and that America has “leaders that don’t understand how this technology can be used in the future.”

Hurd concluded with the following:

“This goes back into this whole conversation around disinformation and how are we dealing with it, and it’s not just the government alone. It’s not just the social media companies. It’s also the media, academia involved in trying to do this.”

Hurd has built a track record in the House for siding with the establishment on issues like universal gun registration and his vote to end the government shutdown without funding President Trump’s border wall. Before Trump was elected, Hurd was a strong opponent of Trump saying that “Trump should step aside for “a true conservative” to step in.”

For that reason, it is no surprise why Hurd is attacking Trump at the moment.

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