Democrat Los Angeles Sheriff Endorses Recall of Left-Wing Prosecutor George Gascón

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva endorsed the recall of far-left District Attorney George Gascón on Saturday, in a development that suggests a proposal to recall the newly elected controversial prosecutor is gaining momentum.

Villaneuva, a Democrat himself, said that he would be the first person in the county to sign a recall petition for Los Angeles residents to remove Gascón from office. The sheriff was speaking at a memorial event for Gabriel Fernandez, an eight-year old Palmdale boy who was murdered in 2013.

Recall efforts to remove Gascón- who was swept into office with funding and support from left-wing oligarch George Soros- can’t begin until 90 days into his term, on March 8th. It’s expected an effort to recall Gascón will kick off after the signature campaign targeting Democrat Govenor Gavin Newsom is finished.

Villaneuva had earlier notified Gascón that he’d dispatch sheriff’s deputies to attend the parole hearings of violent offenders, after the left-wing prosecutor ordered his own subordinates not to attend. Gascón’s decision to remove prosecutors from parole hearings was interpreted as an act of disrespect by crime victims.

Gascón has alienated Angelenos through unprecedented soft-on-crime and jailbreak polices since entering office in December, adopting leniency for hardened criminals in a manner unprecedented for a jurisdiction of Los Angeles County’s size. Gascón has moved to purge local law enforcement of personnel he deems problematic, and announced he wouldn’t seek the death penalty in the case of a double homicide arrestee who is accused of murdering a police officer and his own cousin.

Gascón staged a resignation from a California prosecutor’s union last week, in response to criticism from the organization leveled against his soft-on-crime policies. Gascón attacked the members of the California District Attorneys Association for being white in response, claiming that the organization needed to be more diverse in order to criticize him.

Family members of homicide victims in Los Angeles County previously condemned Gascón’s soft sentencing proposals for convicted murderers in statements provided to Big League Politics, allowing individuals convicted of the most heinous crimes a chance to secure parole.

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