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Democrat State Senator in Utah Apologizes for Giving Money to ANTIFA/BLM Rioter Charged with Felony

LGBT Degenerate Derek Kitchen is under investigation.



A homosexual state senator in Utah is apologizing for donating to a left-wing rioter representing the ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter movement who has been charged with a felony.

“It is a matter of record that I support criminal justice reform. I love Salt Lake City and Utah, and I believe in progressive activism,” Sen. Derek Kitchen (D-Salt Lake City) wrote in his apology.

“In this instance I responded to a solicitation on social media for financial support for what I understood would be a peaceful rally for justice,” he continued.

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“I gave a small contribution to support the cause of justice, but I wasn’t involved in the planning or organization of the event,” he explained. “I did not attend the protest and have only seen press reports of what happened. I will always advocate for the constitutional right to peaceful protest but I don’t condone violence or vandalism.”

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His full statement can be seen here:

Kitchen is being investigated with four other liberal Democrats for donating to the Venmo account of ANTIFA/BLM rioter Madalena McNeil. McNeil has been charged with a first-degree felony for her alleged participation in a violent July 9 protest in which police were accosted and the district attorney’s office was vandalized.

Kitchen sent $10 to McNeil on June 28 along with the word “paint” to describe his Venmo donation. McNeil and other leftists have been accused of vandalizing the district attorney’s office with paint, which makes it seem as if Kitchen knew exactly what he was supporting when he sent money to the activist.

McNeil confirmed in a tweet that she is friends with Kitchen and whined about how police resources were being squandered by the investigation.

“Good to know that police resources are being spent to investigate the very serious crime of my friend sending me $10. Never forget that all of this is because @SimGillDA got his feelings hurt by protestors speaking out against him upholding and excusing police brutality,” she wrote.

Salt Lake City police spokesman Greg Wilking is currently investigating the matter, and his office is taking the matter very seriously.

“It’s one of those things where people are paying to get this paint that will cause destruction and cost taxpayers money,” Wilking said. “We don’t look at the size of crime, necessarily. It’s what that represents.”

Big League Politics has reported on dangerous leftist riots in Utah, including a Provo display that featured a deranged leftist shooting at a terrified motorist:

Footage emerged Monday night of a Black Lives Matter rioter opening fire upon a motorist who refused to stop for a roadblock the mob of rioters had set up in Provo, Utah, inching through an intersection as a group of rioters attempted to detain him.

The mask-clad man was caught on camera firing at the window of the motorist’s SUV at least twice.

A close-up shows a rioter clearly holding a semiautomatic pistol, which can be heard firing at the man’s white SUV at least twice.

The pistol is quite clearly pointed at the vehicle’s driver, potentially creating a basis for attempted murder charges against the violent criminal who opened fire. The earlier footage shows little to no real risk to the rioters as the driver inched through their illegal roadblock, and they could’ve easily just stood aside as the man drove on his way.

The incident has several similarities to an earlier Black Lives Matter shooting in Amalosa, Colorado, in which an attorney named James Marshall shot a disabled veteran in the head. Marshall would later be charged with attempted murder, although remarkably the BLM protestor, who is caught on camera shooting at Danny Pruitt, has been freed on bail.

Democrats are learning that there are consequences for fomenting a nationwide terror movement. Kitchen will be lucky if he is not detained by DHS for his supporting role in ANTIFA/BLM violence.


Georgia Lt. Governor Cries That President Trump’s Crusade Against Electoral Fraud is ‘Alienating Voters’

They’re blaming Trump for the fall-out of their own treachery.



President Donald Trump’s push against voter fraud in the state of Georgia is offending the state’s many RINO politicians who want to certify the fraud and move onto the senate races without so much as even improving the process.

“I do think the president and Republicans in general need to refine their approach to how we handle this post-election process,” Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan told CNN.

“I think there’s two parts that really are concerning to me,” he added. “One is the short term in the Senate election in making sure we don’t alienate any voters that we need to show up for Sen. [Kelly] Loeffler and Sen. [David] Perdue. And I think secondly, we run the risk of alienating voters longer term.”

Additionally, Duncan defended the reviled Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who have offered only perfunctory responses after a tidal wave of Democrat electoral improprieties in the state. Duncan called Kemp “steadfast and strong,” and he called Raffensperger “a rock star conservative [who] comes to work everyday and does the right thing.”

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Duncan made it clear with his remarks to the fake news leader that he is culpable in the voter fraud, and he wants to silence the hundreds of whistleblowers who have put their necks on the line to attest to grotesque third-world style improprieties at every level.

“It troubles me that some folks are willing, just for the sole intent of flipping an election, of spreading misinformation,” Duncan said. “I think we’re better than this. My hope is that we move past this here in Georgia and as a country. Certainly there are some better days ahead of us than what we’re in right now.”

Big League Politics has reported about the incredible betrayals of the Georgia Republican Party since the presidential vote, which has included Gov. Kemp’s lawyers arguing that saving Dominion’s trade secrets is more important than protecting electoral integrity:

Attorneys for the Republican administration of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp have argued that protecting the trade secrets of Dominion voting software is more important than getting to the bottom of severe electoral irregularities related to the controversial systems.

The National Pulse found key text in a court order preventing the deletion of key records in Cherokee, Gwinnett and Cobb counties. Kemp was listed as a defendant along with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the civil action file that was approved by the courts to preserve potential evidence of fraud.

“Defendants’ counsel also argued that allowing such forensic inspections would pose substantial security and proprietary/trade secret risks to Defendants,” the order reads.

The pathetic appeal to protect Dominion was ultimately rejected by the courts, as the Plaintiffs suggested a process in which the voting software could be inspected lawfully.

“Plaintiffs’ counsel responded that Defendants’ concerns could be alleviated by an order from the Court (1) allowing Defendants’ own expert(s) to participate in the requested inspections, which would be video-recorded, and (2) directing the experts to provide whatever information they obtain to the Court — and no one else — for an in camera inspection,” the order states…

The GOP needs to realize that there is no other option but to oppose massive voter fraud right now. The party and the nation will die a spectacular death if Republican leaders refuse to do the right thing.

Cowardly Republicans in the state of Georgia apparently want a death sentence for the GOP. Lt. Gov. Duncan has made it clear with his comments that he is another Benedict Arnold protecting the Democrat heist of the presidential election.

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