Democratic Convention Polling “Bounce” Breaks For…Donald Trump!

Did the Democratic convention backfire?

The newest rounds of polling to release over the weekend indicate that President Donald Trump, as opposed to Democrat Joe Biden, has gained in the national and state polls during the Democratic National Convention this week.

Rasmussen rolling approval rating surveys indicate that President Trump’s approval rating shot UP 4% during the first three days of the Democrat convention.

Another poll of the reliably blue state of Minnesota indicates that President Trump is tied in a dead heat with Joe Biden, with both receiving 47% of the vote in the state. The midwestern state is increasingly on the radar of the President and Trump campaign officials, with many residents of the state tiring of incessant crime, rioting and property destruction in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Another new poll released Thursday(with its survey ending on the first day of the Democrat convention) shows President Trump within a 5.5% margin of error in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, trailing Biden by four percentage points.

Major party conventions have a tendency to deliver a polling surge for the candidate they intend to highlight. The Republican convention is occurring next week, and it remains to be seen if it’ll have a traditional polling effect on the election for the Republican Party.

The ratings for the Democratic Convention plunged a considerable 48% in comparison to 2016, perhaps suggesting that it was the irrelevance of the event that played to the President’s favor, rather than its content.

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