Democrats Blame Illegal Immigrant Problem On Republicans, Says GOP Govs. Causing ‘Havoc’

The corporate press and Democrat leaders are quickly turning the nation’s influx of illegal immigrants into a Republican problem. Even though the root cause of all this stems from the Biden administration’s botched Southern Border.

To recap: Migrant encounters at the border have reached alarming levels, forcing Texas and Arizona to think outside the box to avoid further flooding small towns and cities with illegals. Their latest initiative? Busing migrants to places like Washington DC over the past several months.

The New York Times is just one of many media outlets looking to paint this growing problem onto Republicans.

One of their latest headlines reads: “G.O.P. Governors Cause Havoc by Busing Migrants to East Coast.”

See what they did there? No mention of the overwhelming influx of immigration across our Southern Border. Just a blanket narrative that Democrats are good and Republicans are bad.

Per NYT:

Since April, Texas has delivered more than 6,200 migrants to the nation’s capital, with Arizona dispatching an additional 1,000 since May. The influx has prompted Muriel E. Bowser, Washington’s Democratic mayor, to ask the Defense Department to send the National Guard in. The request has infuriated organizations that have been assisting the migrants without any city support.

Notice how The Times was quick to highlight the 7,200 migrants hitting the east coast, but failed to mention the more than 1 million illegal immigrants that have entered the US.

The Abbott-Ducey initiative has proven to be so effective against Democrats, that leaders like DC Mayor Muriel Bowser have had no choice but to project their frustrations onto the opposite party.

For example, Bowser specifically claimed the “growing humanitarian crisis” constituted a call for the national guard.

The DC Mayor wants to combat “people who are seeking asylum coming across the country to get to their final destinations,” and she said her city would “continue to pursue federal involvement.”

“We’ve had a number of discussions,” Bowser said. “We’ve facilitated FEMA’s involvement with a million dollar grant that has now been increased to work with a lead nonprofit agency. We’ve facilitated using those grant funds to set up respite center in a neighboring jurisdiction and I’ve also asked the Secretary of the Army to deploy the D.C. National Guard to help lead that effort.”

“I’ve asked for the deployment of the guard as long as we need the guard to deal with the humanitarian crisis that we expect to escalate,” she continued. “The number of people crossing the border seeking asylum, we expect to only go up, we need to make sure that there is a national response, not an ad hoc city by city, state by state response.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is also growing frustrated by the number of migrant buses that are routinely arriving in his city under the Abbott-Ducey initiative. And he has called the Texas and Arizona Governors “cowards” for busing migrants.

“Our schools are going to be impacted. Our healthcare system is going to be impacted. Our infrastructure is going to be impacted,” he stated – WATCH:

Ironically, comments like these from Adams, Bowser, and the corporate press would have been deemed dangerous xenophobia just a few years ago. Which just goes to show how far Democrats are willing to go to protect their looming radical left-wing agenda that is plaguing American cities today.

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