DEMONIC: Rochester Children’s Hospital is Coaching 8-Year-Old Children to Change Genders

The Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester, New York has issued a public video encouraging gender transitions of children as young as eight years of age.

The video, which has since been made private and hidden from the public, has been archived and can be seen here:

“When he started female puberty, it just didn’t fit who he was,” said Brae Adams, a former pastor at Open Arms Metro Community Church, about her child’s gender transition beginning at the age of 8. “He didn’t want to wear the things that girls wear, he didn’t want to wear. The underwear that girls wear.”

Adams was a lesbian pastor who allowed her daughter to be transitioned, drugged and mangled to satisfy her own sick demented LGBT fetish. Her abuse of this poor child was enabled by Golisano Children’s Hospital for a tidy fee.

The hospital notes that they offer “services available to aid families, youth, and young adults who identify as transgender, gender fluid, or have other questions or concerns about their gender.”

“Children are first aware of their own gender at around age 2, and transgender children may insist that they are of the opposite gender and desire toys and clothing that are typically assigned to the opposite gender,” the official hospital website states.

The hospital encourages children who may be feeling confused about their body image at adolescence to consider getting drugged and mutilated.

“It is not unusual for older adolescents and young adults to express these thoughts or feelings for the first time,” the hospital notes. “The onset of puberty can be particularly difficult for those whose sense of self does not match their developing body, or they may have been grappling with these feelings for years without being able to express them. We often see young adults as they start college or undergo other transitions since this may be the first time they have had access to medical care for transition.”

Big League Politics has reported on other Children’s Hospitals around the country pushing children into gender transitions in order to profit off of this Mengelean fad enabled by LGBT degeneracy:

The push for transgender surgeries for children is escalating at warp speeds.

In today’s example, Boston Children’s Hospital gleefully encourages surgical, pharmaceutical “gender transition” for teens. And has posted 90 videos promoting these surgeries to youth on their YouTube page.

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