‘Gays Against Groomers’ Twitter Account SUSPENDED For ‘Anti-LGBT’ Rhetoric

Twitter is caving hard to activist pressure. The platform has somehow equated the term “groomer” with “anti-LGBT,” and has come out in full force banning, suspending, and locking out accounts that use the g-word.

This past week, Twitter goons went on an Orwellian banning spree and marked various conservative-leaning voices as victims. Author and mathematician James Lindsay was one example. And another was YouTuber Tim Pool for stating the now obvious: “Twitter actively protects and supports pedophilia.”

The account “Moms for Liberty” was also suspended this week for speaking out against the medical gender transition of children.

Gays Against Groomers, an account on Twitter that describes themselves as “a coalition of gays against the sexualization and indoctrination of children,” is the latest – and perhaps most controversial victim of the platform’s activist-fueled banning spree.

The account has had massive success since its launch in June because of its perspective on the stark difference between LGBT people and the massive trans children agenda being forced into the mainstream by the corporate press and tech giants like Twitter.

If anyone is “anti-LGBT,” it isn’t the members of the community at Gays Against Groomers.

Twitter, however, would beg to differ. As the platform just sent an email to Jaimee Michell, the founder of the account, informing her Gays Against Groomers violated the rules against “hateful conduct.”

The hateful tweet read, “Damaged people damage people. The internet is a dangerous place for kids, especially when you have radical alphabet activists openly grooming them. Protect your children from these people at all costs.”

Michell pointed out that the tweet was posted weeks ago, so the fact that it is becoming a problem now likely stems from activist pressure who have been relentlessly reporting her content in an attempt to get it removed.

Bigger activist names like Mia Gingerich, a transgender researcher for Media Matters’ LGBTQ program, say “groomer” is an anti-gay slur. Then go on to say that anyone who uses the g-word is participating in a “targeted hate campaign” that drives “nationwide harassment and violence against members of the LGBTQ community and their allies.”

Reddit was the first to take these accusations from activists seriously when they began banning the word “groomer” on their site among other words and phrases.

Operators of the “Political Compass Memes” subreddit broke this news after they informed their users that they “have been contacted by the admins.”

“Tone back your language and make a shift away from certain types of memes,” the urgent announcement read.

“It is necessary for the survival of the subreddit and preservation of our culture open to all funny colors,” operators continued. “1984, we know, but it is either we ask you, or we willingly allow a small minority of the subreddit to ruin the funny colors for everyone.”

Among the Reddit directives were, “no portraying LGBT people as a whole as ‘groomers’ or ‘pedophiles’, calling them a slur, or deadnaming them,” and “no portraying being transgender as a mental illness.”

In short: using “Groomer” to refer to LGBT people will results in removals from the subreddit and possibly even a ban. Looks like Twitter is already following in Reddit’s footsteps.

Banning the g-word is only the beginning.

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