Dems Say A Recycled Bill Clinton Slogan Is Like KKK or Swastika

AUSTIN, TEXAS — A recycled Bill Clinton slogan from ’91 that is objectively something any American with a hint of altruism would find acceptable, is now the new barometer of “racism” on par with a “hood” or “swastika,” according to reports.

Here’s Bill Clinton in 1991 announcing his candidacy for President of the United States:

That’s right, Washington Post “scholar” and columnist Matt Sears thinks Bill Clinton might as well be wearing a hood or a swastika arm band.

In an interview with, Sears was asked if the MAGA hat was like being caught with Nazi periphenelia, to which Sears replied:

I think it’s similar. But I think a better analogy would be like finding a Ku Klux Klan hood or robe. I’ve made the comparison before. Every time I watch a documentary about the civil rights movement and all the hateful violence they faced I wonder what the white people who were doing those horrible things were thinking. What was going through their minds?

Not content to conclude his “scholarship” with the above hyperbolic sentiment, he added, “It’s our job to not be the people who stand by idly and let mobs harass black kids who in an earlier era not too long ago were trying to go to newly desegregated schools.”

“In a few generations from now, finding a MAGA hat in your grandparents’ closet would be like seeing your grandfather’s or grandmother’s face in one of those lunch counter photos, harassing the black people who are trying to fight Jim Crow and win their equal human rights.”

Sears’s argument is that Americans should be ashamed of a winning altruism that hopes the best for their current place of residence. What about O’s use of armbands and pesonal icongraphy historically associated with unsavory populist ideologies and mid-century mob-think? Obama wasn’t “Adolf Hitler,” as it turns out — though with all those authoritarian executive orders, God knows he tried. But comparisons are the new “scholarship,” right?

If a=b, then b=c, correct, Sears? Sears believes that drawing comparisons is apparently the only benchmark necessary for adequate academic acceptablity. Hence, Sears whips out the liberal “go-to” confederacy slur to invalidate anyone who embraces the concept of #MAGA or wants good for the United States and its future,

The MAGA hat and other Trump clothing and slogans operate according to the same logic as when someone wears Confederate paraphernalia and then tries to claim that “Oh, it just means I am a redneck.” Or, “I’m celebrating Southern heritage.” What is actually being said and signaled to is a claim that it was better when black people could be owned as slaves and the state supported it. 

And Sears allows for no other explanation of MAGA or the supermajority who supports it, if measured as plurality across states via counties who voted for Trump.

Moreover, the “scholar” and WaPo columnist also ignores that it was Democrats and “liberals,” not Republicans, who instituted Jim Crow, and opposed the Civil Rights Act — including Lyndon Baines Johnson, who referred to the Civil Rights Act as “the n—-r bill” behind closed doors.

The far left continues its assault on average Americans — even though it was much of the Democratic base that split for Donald J. Trump in 2016 (blue collar workers and union members voted for Trump in droves in traditionally-Democatic strongholds.)

And false equivalency is the number one weaopon of anti-Trump ideologues. But in the present case, false equivalency is problemmatic for the Demmocrats’ own standard-bearers: Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Make America Great Again, even if Bill Clinton said it first.

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