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John Griffing

John Griffing is a former associate editor for The Daily Caller News Foundation, a Texas correspondent for WND and a frequent contributor to The Geller Report. He also served as executive director of the Harris County Republican Party.

Dallas GOP Candidate: Protect Confederate Memorials

DALLAS, TX -- Recently nominated Texas State Senate candidate Pat Fallon, wants to introduce legislation to protect war memorials, including Confederate symbols. “It’s our history,...

No, Trump Can’t Direct Omnibus Funds

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Confusion over what a president may do with funds allocated under an Omnibus appropriations bill remains widespread. (Special thanks to U.S. Rep....

All-Women’s College Bans Word ‘Women’

Mount Holyoke, Mass. -- Gender craziness is on the rise at a traditional all-women's Mount Holyoke College, where teachers are being ordered to avoid...

Va GOP Primary: Freitas Tells Voters He Will Ignore Federal Immigration Laws

RICHMOND, Va. -- A two-term state lawmaker running for U.S. Senate in Virginia is already planning to violate his federal Oath of Office before...

George P. Bush Accused of Conflict Of Interest In Alamo Restoration Deal

AUSTIN, TX -- Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is giving Douglass McDonald -- head of the 100 percent taxpayer-funded "Alamo Trust" -- lucrative private...

GRIFFING: Justin Amash Now Likes Constitution (When It Protects Sex Predators)

The same congressman who voted three times not to repeal ObamaCare, is now waving the Constitution around like deceased Sen. Robert Byrd to justify...

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