Denmark’s Left-Wing Government Proposes Law Requiring Migrants to Work for Welfare Benefits

Instead of working to swap out Danish citizens for a new block of migrant voters to ensure ever-lasting electoral success like the American Democrats have done, Denmark’s left-wing government has instead come up with a novel idea: appealing to the interests of its working-class voters.

Denmark’s leftist ruling party has tabled a bill that, if passed, would require immigrants to work full-time to continue receiving generous social welfare payments that are allotted to them each month

Once adopted, the legislation – tabled by the Tulsi Gabbard-esque left-wing Social Democrat party – would require immigrants who’ve been on social welfare benefits for three to four years and who’ve failed to become proficient in the Danish language, to work 37 hours a week to continue receiving the same amount of state support, RTE reports.

“If one cannot support oneself, one must have a duty to participate and contribute what is equivalent to a regular working week to receive the full welfare benefit,” said Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

“If you come to Denmark, you have to work and support yourself and your family,” the Danish government added, saying that enacting such a plan would work to assist and promote the integration process. 

Despite being a left-wing party, the Danish Social Democrats’ orientation towards immigration is one of the toughest in Europe, something which counters the common but false narrative that anti-mass migration positions are exclusively held by right-wing parties. The socialist parties’ migration policies look quite similar to those adopted many years ago by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán – an unapologetically national conservative politician. 

Some, like Denmark’s Migration and Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye, have even lauded Orbán’s long-held policy positions against mass migration, saying the Hungarian PM had been correct in the migration debate from the beginning.

“It was a mistake to criticize Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for raising a barbed wire wall at the border in 2015,” Tesfaye said earlier this month.

“As is well known, initially the majority of European leaders strongly criticized the establishment of the southern border lock, but now more and more people acknowledge that the Hungarian prime minister was right in the migration debate,” he added.

When asked about the details of the newly proposed bill, which is set to be voted on in the not s distant future, Minister of Employment Peter Hummelgaard said: “It could be, for example, collecting cigarette butts or plastic on the beaches. The most important thing is to get these people out of their homes.”

As Big League Politics has extensively reported on in the past, Denmark’s ruling left-wing government – unlike the overwhelming majority of so-called ‘leftist’ parties across North America and Europe – has so far refused to swap pro-workers policies historically held by left-wing parties for a new brand of politics which places issues like gender, identity, climate, political correctness, anti-liberal Islam, and mass migration at the forefront of their programs.

Additionally – and also contrasting with most so-called leftist parties in the West – the Danish Social Democrats have revised their previously-held and somewhat draconian position on Covid-19 lockdowns. As of September 10th, the country lifted all Covid-19 restrictions that were originally put in place to curb the spread of the virus, with the Health Ministry concluding that the Chinese virus is “no longer a critical threat to society.”

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