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DESPICABLE: Freshman House Republicans Nancy Mace and Peter Meijer Blast President Trump Upon Taking Office

Hopefully their first term is their last term.



Nancy Mace (SC-01) and Peter Meijer (MI-03) are two of the newest members of the House of Representatives, both of them Republicans who got elected on November 3 and showed up for their first day of work two months later.

Despite holding office for little more than a week, Mace and Meijer have already distinguished themselves as vociferous critics of President Donald Trump. The Washington Examiner published a story about the two Monday evening, and a quick Google search of their names yields the following headlines:

No wonder the mainstream media is giving Mace and Meijer so much attention. They’re happily using their new stature as members of Congress to turn their backs—and the backs of other Republicans—against the president. They’re already betraying their constituents.

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Peter Meijer occupies the old House seat of Justin Amash, the libertarian-minded “conservative” who supported Trump’s impeachment in 2019, left the GOP, and briefly sought the presidential nomination on the Libertarian Party ticket. Michigan’s 3rd district thought they’d be electing someone significantly better than Amash, but with Meijer’s possible support of a second Trump impeachment, it appears as if they’re going to get business as usual.

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Nancy Mace, meanwhile, comes across as the female version of Dan Crenshaw. She eagerly condemned those who breached the Capitol “domestic terrorists.” She’s pushing for the Republican Party to “start over”—code for rejecting Trump and an America First agenda. And she’s embraced by Erick Erickson, the man who tweeted last Wednesday: “Shoot [the pro-Trump protesters at the Capitol]. Waive the rules, impeach. Waive the rules, convict. Waive the rules, deny the ability to run for election again.”

The elections of Mace and Meijer further confirm that the Republican Party needs to be reformed inside and out. They’ve set themselves apart as garden-variety “respectable conservatives,” but this is not what America needs. America needs nationalists and populists and fighters. We’re not going to get that with representatives like Nancy Mace and Peter Meijer.

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SLEEPY? Biden Yet to Deliver First State of the Union Amid Confused Public Appearances

Are they keeping him out of view?



Joe Biden is yet to give his first State of the Union address as President, disregarding precedent and conventional timing for the presidential address.

Presidents usually deliver the speech to Congress in February. President Donald Trump gave the latest first State of the Union address delivered by a President since 1977 when Jimmy Carter declined to give a SOTU address, with Trump speaking on February 28th, 2017.

Nothing on President Biden’s public calendar advertises a State of the Union speech. It’s likely that a speech, if it even occurs at all, would occur in March, but it’s unclear if Biden even intends to give one.

The snub of the extended public speech comes as recurring questions regarding Biden’s mental acuity and sharpness reemerge. With Biden generally appearing sharp and fluid in an extremely limited schedule of public speaking appearances as a candidate, some of his recent speeches have featured the President stumbling over his words and appearing to struggle cognitively with his delivery.

A first State of the Union address could present President Biden with an opportunity to make the case for the payment of $2000 in Biden Bux to every middle class and poor citizen, and outline a policy agenda for his term in office he’s been reluctant to discuss. Instead, it appears likely it won’t occur.

Some have even speculated if Biden is taking medication to speak as sharply as possible. This isn’t uncommon at all for Americans of his age, but it’s fair to question his acuity and cognitive state now and in the years to come, considering his recent history of persistent confusion and verbal gaffes.

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