Despite Crumbling Vaccine Narrative, NY Mayor Eric Adams Fires 200 More Employees For Refusing Jab

The Covid vaccine is losing its credibility, as many Americans are starting to understand that the jab does not mean you will evade the virus. Just like how they are noticing the lies that were told to them over and over before then eventually being walked backed by ruling elites like Joe Biden.

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Regardless of these so-called “new revelations,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams is still pushing his state’s vaccine mandate upon city employees. As his office announced on Saturday that city officials fired more than 200 additional city employees for refusing to get vaccinated for Covid.

This brings the total number of firings to 1,752 as of July 13.

In a statement earlier this year, Eric Adams’ office shamelessly equated getting vaccinated against Covid to being a good citizen. Thus ignoring anyone’s reasoning for not getting the jab regardless of religious reasoning or personal choice.

“City workers served on the frontlines during the pandemic, and by getting vaccinated, they are, once again, showing how they are willing to do the right thing to protect themselves and all New Yorkers,” Adams said.

As Tucker Carlson has been highlighting on his show over the past few nights, Democrats like Adams have been routinely ignoring the science behind the vaccines to take more control. These are the same people who declared Covid a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and they are the ones continuously firing Americans from their jobs for refusing the jab.

None of that matters to these people, however, as places like New York City are moving forward with their Covid hysteria. Despite it hurting many American workers.

As Andrew Ansbro, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York, put it: “If you’re gonna force people to get vaccinated because the science changes, you also have to acknowledge that you’re allowing people to have exceptions because the science changes, and it’s no longer necessary.”

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said, “New York City police officers were on the street throughout the pandemic, working without adequate PPE and in many cases contracting and recovering from COVID themselves.”

“They don’t deserve to be treated like second-class citizens now,” he continued.

A spokesperson for Eric Adams said that around 97% of the state is fully vaccinated. The Mayor has repeated “over and over again” that “Covid is a formidable opponent.” Essentially stating that they plan on eliminating the virus with a fully vaccinated population.

But with more and more fully vaccinated and double-boosted Americans (like Joe Biden) testing positive for Covid, it’s hard to spot the logic in Eric Adams’ firing of 200 employees.

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