Dick’s Sporting Goods Removes All Reasons For a Gun Buyer to Walk Into Their Store

Dick’s Sporting Goods has kowtowed to anti-gun pressure yet again.

On March 13, 2019 the sporting goods retail company announced that it will stop selling guns at 125 of its stores.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the retail outlet will now be using the new space in those stores to sell “what it considers faster-selling, higher-margin items like outdoor recreation equipment and licensed sports gear.” This development is an expansion of Dick’s original plan in 2018, when it decided to remove guns from 10 of its stores.

According to Stack, the previous quarter witnessed increased sales in the 10 test stores that experimented with the anti-gun policies. Because of this, Stack believes there is potential for expanding his anti-gun policies. The 125 stores he recently expanded his anti-gun policies in were targeted specifically because they performed poorly in hunting sales.

Dick’s move is the latest in corporate anti-gun virtue signaling.

Thankfully, gun controllers are limited politically due to Republican control of the Presidency and Senate. This has forced them to focus on state legislatures across the nation.

However, on the corporate front, gun control forces are making their presence felt. From CEOs coming out in favor of universal gun registration to social media deplatforming of gun organizations, corporate gun control is arguably the greatest threat to gun rights in America at the moment.

As the government grows bigger, the lines between the private and public sector become blurrier.

Your favorite corporations are very likely not your best friend when it comes to your right keep and bear arms.


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