Disgraced Reporter Ali Watkins Tied to Anti-Trump Dossier via Deep State Operative

A disgraced New York Times reporter whose phone and email records were subpoenaed after her lover, a Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) staffer, was arrested for lying to the FBI about leaking classified information, has a long history of running in the same circles with shady anti-Trump operatives.

Reporter Ali Watkins had a three-year relationship with James A. Wolfe, longtime director of security for the SSCI. He is alleged to have made false statements to the FBI regarding his relationship with three reporters in connection to the Carter Page case.

In 2014, Watkins was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on CIA Torture Report, a document that chronicled the CIA’s treatment of detained terrorists during the President Geroge W. Bush’s administration. The report was compiled by the SSCI, and the committee was headed by Daniel J. Jones.

Jordan Schachtel of Conservative Review posted the following passage from the report:

“Daniel Jones has managed and led the Committee’s review effort from its inception,” the report says.

Remember Dan Jones? He is one of the deep staters working behind the scenes to fuel the salacious and unverified Trump/Russia dossier.

Big League Politics reported:

“‘Dan Jones, the former Senate Intelligence staffer, has raised millions of dollars to fund continued exploration of the bogus [Steele] dossier,’ Michael Caputo, longtime Republican strategist and Trump campaign advisor told Big League Politics. 

Daniel J. Jones is a deep state operative and President of The Penn Quarter Group, a Washington D.C. based investigative research firm. He spent four years in the FBI before joining the United State Select Committee on Intelligence under then-Senator Jay Rockefeller, and subsequently under Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

‘As someone who has a lot of [Capitol] Hill experience I can tell you that Dan Jones is working very closely with his former Democratic colleagues on the SSCI to feed them information to keep this bogus narrative going,’ Caputo said.

‘[Jones] is raising millions of dollars to pay Glenn Simpson [of Fusion GPS], to pay British spies, to pay Russian spies, to fully develop the angles introduced in the dossier,’ Caputo said. ‘Dan Jones is working with Russia.’”

BLP Passage Ends. 

Watkins, who allegedly received leaked classified information related to the  Russian “collusion” case by sleeping with her SSCI source, is at the very least familiar with the man bankrolling the whole Trump/Russia hit job.

Schachtel reports that Jones is a big fan of Watkins’ work, and has shared her pieces in his personal Twitter account:

This is a perfect example of how the deep state operates in collusion with the mainstream media, which is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the DNC.

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