EXCLUSIVE: Trump 2016 Campaign Advisor Names Names, Blows Lid off Mueller Investigation Funding and Leaks

A former Trump campaign advisor spoke exclusively with Big League Politics to expose the inner workings of the never-ending investigation into President Donald J. Trump’s alleged Russian “collusion.”

“Dan Jones, the former Senate Intelligence staffer, has raised millions of dollars to fund continued exploration of the bogus [Steele] dossier,” said Michael Caputo, longtime Republican strategist and Trump campaign advisor.

Daniel J. Jones is a deep state operative and President of The Penn Quarter Group, a Washington D.C. based investigative research firm. He spent four years in the FBI before joining the United State Select Committee on Intelligence under then-Senator Jay Rockefeller, and subsequently under Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

“As someone who has a lot of [Capitol] Hill experience I can tell you that Dan Jones is working very closely with his former Democratic colleagues on the Intelligence Committee to feed them information to keep this bogus narrative going,” Caputo said.

“If you see the stories out there with unnamed sources, it’s become very clear that Dan Jones is one source, and he goes and gets another – no doubt from among his colleagues on the partisan hit-squad at the Intelligence Committee,” he continued.

Jones and his firm also work closely with another Washington-based research group, Fusion GPS. As reported by ZeroHedge, leaked text messages between Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) and lobbyist Adam Waldman show that Jones was “intimately involved with ongoing efforts to retroactively validate a series of salacious and unverified memos published by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent, and Fusion GPS.”

The unverified Steele Dossier was used to predicate the entire investigation into the Trump campaign, and since then there have been numerous leaks of classified intelligence related to the investigation. The dossier research was initiated by Democrat-funded Fusion GPS which is owned by Glenn Simpson. The intel contained in the dossier was gathered by former British spy Christoper Steele.

“[Jones] is raising millions of dollars to pay Glenn Simpson, to pay British spies, to pay Russian spies, to fully develop the angles introduced in the dossier,” Caputo said. “Dan Jones is working with Russia.”

“And by the way, Fusion GPS of course used to work for [Russian Lawyer Natalia] Veselnitskaya, so they’re already being paid by Russians,” he said. “Veselnitskaya, as we know now, is on the payroll of the Kremlin. Where did Dan Jones raise his money? How much of it came from overseas?”

The very investigators working with Robert Mueller and his team to smear Trump as a Russian crony are working with the Russians themselves.

“The reason why the [Dan Jones] story has gotten no traction, is because Dan Jones is talking to the media as well,” Caputo said. “They don’t want to cut off the nose to spite the face. [The media] don’t advance the story because that will be the last time they hear from the Russian-funded Dan Jones operation. This is where the collusion is. This is where the conspiracy is. Part of the conspiracy are the reporters who refuse to cover Dan Jones’ activities.”

As suspected, bad actors working in the annals of the deep state with the Mueller investigation are cooking up phony intelligence reports, and then leaking them to the media with the explicit goal of taking President Trump down. This is now undeniably confirmed by Caputo, who has been at the center of the investigation.

In fact, Caputo was interviewed for three hours by Mueller on Wednesday. As reported by Big League Politics, his life has been turned upside down by the Mueller witch hunt, causing death threats to his family, and costing him hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and travel expenses to meet with investigators in Washington.

Worse, Caputo has been intimidated into silence by Mueller and his cronies. In what can only be described as a mafia-style shakedown, Caputo has been instructed to keep quiet about his dealings with Mueller.

“How do I say this without getting in trouble?” he said. “That should tell you everything right there. I can tell you this: I’m afraid to speak my mind.”

Caputo said that he will never work on another Republican campaign in his life, and that he believes that no one should, unless indemnified to do so. The risk is simply too great. When Democrats lose, they do not accept defeat. They seek to personally ruin anyone who involved with their loss, evidenced by Mueller’s fiasco.

The methods of Mueller’s investigation do not remotely resemble the ways in which normal criminal investigations are undertaken in America. In light of this travesty, Americans are right to lose confidence in our once-revered system of justice.

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