DNC Summer Meetings Devolve into Chaos as Protestors Demand Climate Debate

The Democratic Party’s summer meetings were disrupted by a series of protests on Thursday, as protestors demanded the party organize a climate change-themed presidential debate as part of its primary process.

Watch the video of the raucous protestors here:

Climate change demonstrators  had made their presence known throughout the summer meetings, which end on Saturday. The credentialed party bosses had earlier ordered some of the more disruptive climate demonstrators to be removed from the meeting venue in San Francisco.

The demonstrators demanded they be allowed to return to the meetings when it became clear the party establishment would shut down their demands for a climate change debate.

The party establishment has thus far refused to include the climate change debate many younger Democrats are demanding, despite the demand for such an event. Party leadership has claimed putting on such an event spontaneously during the primary would be inappropriate.

A Joe Biden staffer claimed that holding a climate change debate at this stage of the Democratic primary would be “dangerous,” signaling a desire to ice such a proposal from the party’s presidential frontrunner.


However, Joe Biden himself had endorsed the idea of a climate change debate, raising questions as to why his campaign operatives are seeking to ice the idea at the party’s summer meetings.

It remains unclear if the party establishment intends to placate the younger-leaning climate change contingent of their own party. They’re doubtlessly under close watch from party dissidents, after rigging the 2016 Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton.


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