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Don Jr. Tips Cap to Loomer, BLP with Reference to ‘Hamas Caucus’

Big League Politics first reported on the nickname for the freshman congresswomen last year.



President Donald J. Trump’s son, Don Jr., tipped his cap to right-wing investigative reporter and activist Laura Loomer, using a term she coined to describe the female freshman members of Congress.

“Yea all those right wingers like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar heading the Hamas Caucus in Congress. This rhetoric is not only incredibly stupid it’s also very dangerous. Stop with your BS and fix the subways,” he said in a Tweet directed at New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio erroneously claimed that “anti-Semitism is a ‘right-wing movement.'”

Big League Politics first reported on Loomer’s nickname for the young congresswomen, all of whom, at one point or another, have been plagued by anti-Semitism scandals, back in November.

Investigative journalist and Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer blasted the newly-elected members of Congress who have a history of anti-Israel sentiment.

“I forgot to tell you guys, my friends and I last week decided that the new Jew haters in Congress shall be referred to as the “HAMAS caucus” from this point onward,” she said on Twitter early Monday morning.

HAMAS, of course, is the Islamist Palestinian terrorist organization.

Democrat Rashida Tlaib of Michigan’s 13th Congressional district, who is one of two Muslim women elected to Congress, was draped in a Palestinian flag during her election victory party on the evening of Nov. 6.

Her fellow Muslim Congresswoman, Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar infamously Tweeted that “Israel has hypnotized the world.”

“May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,” she said.

Loomer was vindicated once again on a national level this week, when it was reported that Omar filed an allegedly fraudulent joint tax return linked to the marriage of her brother. Loomer reported on the alleged fraudulent marriage for Big League Politics in August, before Omar won her primary.

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Democrat Congressmen Introduce Term Limits Legislation for SCOTUS Justices As Trump Prepares Nominee

Interesting timing.



Three Democrat members of Congress are introducing legislation to institute term limits for Supreme Court justices, as President Trump prepares to nominate his third candidate for the court following the death of progressive liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Democrats Joe Kennedy, Ro Khanna, and Don Beyer are proposing legislation that would limit SCOTUS justice to a maximum term of eighteen years on the court.

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Khanna has proposed an idea that would allow Presidents to appoint two judges in each term. “Senior” members of the court would be required to basically retired for every new member of the court.

It’s pretty funny the Democrats are uniting behind these proposals the moment they appear primed to lose control of the Supreme Court for a generation. They weren’t complaining when Obama was trying to replace Antonin Scalia with progressive Merrick Garland, even going so far as claiming that the stealth liberal was entitled to the seat. Reports emerging Friday suggest that President Donald Trump intends to nominate Amy Coney Barrett, a mostly conservative judge with a pro-life and immigration hawk judicial record.

The judicial branch of government is arguably the most flawed element of American governance, and it’s highly questionable how institutions such as the Supreme Court are able to appoint themselves a nearly unlimited amount of political power.

A better reform proposals would be to institute term limits for justices that only go into effect after the current members of the court vacate their seats. Anything else is simply a political power grab.

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